I want to just roll over and die.

I feel awful. Sick and rotten and like I just want to roll over and die. Blinding headache(what else is new?) dizzy, queasy, chills, fever, sore jaws and ears, stuffy,sneezing, bad sinus(and my face hurts,there’s pressure, and it’s crackling)and dead tired(I even had a 2 HR nap again!)and my face is so flushed with fever it’s red and I look like I have a sunburn! Must be a virus.Regardless, it’s a school day so we do homeschool lessons but that’s it; I’m dead! As well, Sieka continues to chew holes in the carpet daily(despite cayenne pepper and dog repellent) and I’ve had enough! I’m SICK of this and fed up with her being such a destructive pain-in-the-ass and Wilson’s still aggressive and growls I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of them BOTH!! Nothing ever works out for us and we have bad luck with everything so I guess why should pets be any different?Yet something else to go wrong.

Good news though: our oldest is enjoying his classes and professors and says he has this Hare Krishna friend as well and he’ll see if he can get me a copy of their delicious vegetarian cookbook,and oh, by the way, just so ya know; so far I lost 20 pounds on my vegetarian diet and I started beginning of July! Good for me! Yay!!  🙂

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