The Thorn.

I just finished reading “The Thorn”, Beverly Lewis’ newest novel(in a series of 3) of her Amish-themed stories. I really enjoyed it(as I have enjoyed all her other works) and eagerly look forward to part 2 in April 2011 when we are also going on our trip, so maybe I can even read it on the plane! I like her wholesome Amish stories; full of romance but also of tragedies, mistakes, forgiveness, redemption, healing and so on. It transports me into a different time and place, into a community strong on family and faith; a different world, really, but preferable to the sinful society we live in. I have always admired the Amish for sticking to their old ways and shunning the sin of the world, for being independent, and for having strong(and large!) families, morals, faith and values.They are a people I have always held in high esteem, admired and have always held a special place in my heart.I read the book in just 4 HRS and was unable to put it down!