My funky cool awesome shirt.

This is my new shirt. Cool. Funky. Awesome. It’s an Indian style, with a prince or something on it and the images are on not only the front but also the back and both arms.It’s mostly blue and purple as well, my fave. colours. It comes from Thailand(even though it’s Indian, go figure) and I ordered it online from California. It only took 10 days to come and with the current exchange rate good it only cost me and extra 3 $ above the USD and they only charged 5$ postage,too!They were really great,too; they wrapped it up really nice in turquoise tissue paper and put a bow around it and on the return address they put a heart around it. It was really sweet and I really appreciated the extra touch and thoughtfulness. The shirt even SMELLS Indian too; like insense! I am really pleased with it(obviously, to write an entire blog post about it, right?) and I really love it. When I wore it out yesterday I even heard someone standing behind me say to someone they were with, “Look at that cool shirt!” I knew it was about mine. That about says it all!