Score: us:1, cancer:0!

Our 12 YR old’s oncologist app’t went well, thank God! What a sheer relief(and thanx for those of you who prayed!) his blood counts are still normal range and no indication the cancer relapsed. There was no reason to suspect it had, but the fearful nagging posibility is always there, like a dark cloud always hanging over us,and until we actually SEE the lab results ARE indeed ok, there’s always a chance and it terrifies us.

As well, we saw new patients there, and they all had that same shocked, numb,fearful, sorrowful,lost,stunned  look that we ourselves had 5 YRS ago. At one point that was us. We are grateful now to be at the OTHER end of the journey, and not at the beginning.I hope them seeing our son’s success story gives them hope and encouragement; that people CAN and DO survive it; that’s it’s NOT always a death sentence. One kid was 5 and his neighbourhood was giving his family a benefit/fundraiser to help financially.He was diagnosed just 3 weeks ago. Another was diagnosed 3 months ago and his only symptom was a fever for a few days and they thought he just had an ear infection so went to the doc for what they THOUGHT would just be a simple course of antibiotics….until the CBC showed low counts….and leukemia. Take it from me, hearing words “Your child had cancer” change your life forever. You will never be the same ever again.It never leaves you.You can never go back to the way you were and you re-define time as “before the cancer” and “after the cancer”. Your whole world has been redefined and altered forever.