Where do I fit in?

I just don’t seem to fit in anywhere; it feels like I’m sitting on a fence; inbetween 2 different worlds. I recently read in a blog someone saying conservative people have rednecks, gun lovers and are pro war. I, however, am not, even though I classify myself more or less conservative. I cannot stand rednecks, I am very ANTI- gun, anti-war and anti-military. They also tend, for the most part(with exceptions of course) to be against universal health care and immigration,both of which I fully support and think are basic human rights.I DO, however, agree with other conservative values such as pro-life, pro-family, religious, homeschooling,high morals,traditional role of women, the value of motherhood and against Nanny State/Big Brother gov’t intrusion.

As for Liberals, I don’t agree with most things they support,such as feminism, sexual immorality,public schooling,state intrusion,environmental propaganda/indoctrination,atheism,secular humanism,and being anti-family,anti-God, and anti-life. I do agree with their stance against war and racism, and agree with individualism. It seems I am somewhat caught in the middle and don’t belong anywhere; I am too conservative,religious, and traditional for the liberals yet too peaceful,free-thinking, and off-beat(my bald head would be an example) for the conservatives! Where do I fit in?

As well, as far as the Catholic Church goes, I do agree with the beliefs of being pro-life and pro-family, in having a large family, no birth control or abortion,and holding high sexual standatds, but disagree and have issues with the fact that they DO allow smoking,alcohol,and gambling(which I find sinful) and with the priest sex scandal, which greatly disillusions me.

The same goes for being a vegetarian: I agree it’s healthy and I do it to lose weight,(and I hope that being meatless will bring me “good karma” and perhaps my bad luck will improve), but, unlike most vegetarians I am NOT one of those zealous enviro-nazis or animal-rights/PETA freaks(who annoy me to no end!!),I do NOT think meat is “murder”,and I care more about human welfare than that of animals, so once, again, I am part of yet another group that I don’t really fit in, belong in,or have the same beliefs as the majority of the others.Once again, the outsider.The different one.

I am always an outsider; never really fully fitting in anywhere yet am also at the same time unable to find my way, my niche,always on the outside looking in, being a part of the group but not fully welcome or accepted, not truly in “full communion” with the others; always having my own alternate opinions that clash. Maybe I am in-between; a bit of each, but it makes me an outcast, that doesn’t belong in any “world”;and how do I classify myself? What am I? Who am I? Which group do I belong the most to and yet never feel at home?

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