Should we have puppies or not?

Ok, so here’s our dilemma: we want to get rid of Wilson, being aggressive and growling and biting at us, and keep Sieka but replace him with another(female dog) for company for Sieka, but without having to spend more $$$$so we had the idea to let them have puppies and keep one of the pups, and sell him and the other pups and even make a bit of $$$. I am weighing the pros and cons and so here they are:

PRO: we get to replace Wilson for free,earn a bit of $$,not have to spend more $$ to get another dog,it would be a good learning experience(and real-life science lesson) for the kids,it would be fun, puppies ARE cute and cuddly,and a friend of mine got 350$ each just for her mixed-breed MUTTS and ours would be pure bred Shih Tzus! We could charge more and earn some $$!

CON: We don’t take our dogs to the vet(and please, I don’t need any flack from animal freaks on this) as it costs $$$ and is an added, unnecessary extra expense we can’t afford(and with the pups we want to MAKE $$ not spend it)and besides, where would they even GET a disease FROM when they don’t go anywhere but are always at home?, what if  there are complications(esp. with OUR bad luck!) and the mother or the pups die? What if we CAN’T sell them, esp. without vet checks or vaccinations…we don’t want people in our house,knowing where we live,either(you have to be very careful with people you meet online or thru newspaper ads; they might rob you) so we’d just meet them in the park somewhere and bring the pups.( My hubby says it would look like we’re a puppy mill even though it would be our first and only litter!!) it is a lot of work to take care of them for those first 2 months, and what if the puppies end up “rejects” and aggressive like Wilson?(he has an underbite, walks up on his hind legs on tip-toes and has a big snout for his breed; not exactly up to the “breed standard!”)although we’d be selling them as pets; not show dogs!

Seems to be a fairly even match; so what do we do? How do we decide?Is it, perhaps, just easier to BUY another female as company for Sieka and just sell Wilson? Hopefully in time the answer will come but for know we weigh both options and remain undecided…