Wilson seems to be doing better.

Wilson seems to be doing better now! He did a ca-ca that WAS tar-black colour, which can indicate internal bleeding but seems better otherwise; he’s not laying around anymore and is walking around and ate a bit as well and seems more “perky”. I’d half expected to find him dead, but luckily he seems to be looking and feeling better. Maybe he just felt sick or ate something he shouldn’t have, like with us when we have the Flu; we don’t eat for a few days either and just lay around and then we recover and feel better.Hopefully whatever it is seems to have resolved itself.Sadly he’s still aggressive, growling, snapping and biting, but that will likely never change and I am afraid he might have regressed to soiling his overnight crate once again as well…..he’s still a jerk! Some things never change!

Is something wrong with Wilson?

I think something might be wrong with Wilson. He hasn’t been eating much at all for the past 3 days(and nothing at all today), and for the first time in about a year he did pee and ca-ca in his crate overnight and the ca-ca had a bit of blood on it. He’s also depressed looking, listless,and just lays around and does’t run around or play anymore.I thought at first he was just sulking; mad we’re ignoring him, not giving him negative attention for his aggressive behaviour, but now I think maybe it might be more than that(although he wasn’t too sick to still attack us; growling and biting!) maybe he’s sick, or ate something he shouldn’t, like a stick,a  prickle off the bush or a poison Evening Nightshade berry, or something? Maybe he even has that genetic fatal kidney disorder common in Shih Tzus?(and he does look kind of deformed and puny/stunted and small for his breed) I guess time will tell, either he recovers or he doesn’t.People have said to take it to a vet, but that costs too much money, and it’s cheaper, if anything happens, to just buy a new DOG! A friend of mine had a few x-rays and medicine for her dog and the vet bill was over 1000$! That’s more money than it’s worth; you can buy a whole  new  healthy dog for 350$-450$! It basically comes down to having either $$$ for vet care for the DOGS or buying FOOD for our KIDS and the kids’ needs will always come first. I mean, it’s just a dog and can easily be replaced.We were planning on getting rid of it anyway, but I mean, really though, who really  WOULD want to buy a fierce aggressive vicious dog though? I doubt we’d even be able to sell it!