The Mysterious Isle Across the Sea.

I have always been drawn to the British Isles even when I was a kid. I would always have dreams about it, and be walking around in certain places, and recognizing it in  my dreams.(It was the same with Russia) Part of our ethnic background IS English, Irish and Scottish(among other European groups) and we still have relatives there, and when I did go there in real life a few years ago it was weird, like a deja-vu; I recognized places from my dreams, and I knew where I was,what came next, and where I was going(and didn’t get lost!) such as walking along Baker St. for example.It was like I had been there before;it was familiar and was like I was home. It was the strangest thing! I know the church teaches against “past lives” but how can I explain how I knew and recognized it even before I went there and that it was familiar when I did get there? It was like I had been there before I got there, even though I hadn’t.The same thing happens about people: I see people in my dreams ahead of time  that I later meet in real life and recognize them from my dreams. It’s hard to explain.Great Britain has always been the mysterious isle across the sea to me  as a kid,a place I always dreamt of, wanted to go to,and felt drawn to and felt in my heart. I was so glad when I finally did go there and was stunned it was laid out exactly as I had always known and seen in my dreams.I have no way of knowing it or explaining it, but things like this have been happening to me my entire life.