Is this wise?

Our son has been complaining his Wisdom teeth are coming in and bothering him and wants to have them removed, as in surgery.I, however, think he should give it some time and wait and see if they come in ok(and just use Anbesol in the meantime) and that surgery is only necessary if they become impacted. Wisdom teeth can takes years to fully erupt and it’s not worth the risk of surgery and possible complications(anesthetic, allergic reactions, excessive bleeding, infection, etc.) esp. with OUR luck and the fact that WE are always that rare 1% and unusual reaction, complication, case, etc. so I am hoping he either  changes his mind, or that if he does look into it the dentist will also advise him to wait, or that his university student insurance won’t cover it(and we don’t have dental coverage) and that the surgery won’t happen. My biggest concern: that he doesn’t get the General anesthetic which is the biggest risk(breathing problems, heart failure, death, etc.), and seems excessive for a mere tooth removal and not worth the risk just for teeth!! I hope, at least, if he DOES decide to go thru with it that at least he gets an IV sedation, which is  a lot less risky(and would worry me a lot less as well!).If he thinks the erupting teeth hurt, wait until he tries surgery! He’d also have to take a few days off school to recover, and now he can sympathize with teething babies and what they go thru! I just think the risks outweigh the benefits, esp. at this point,so I hope he gives it time and just waits and sees.I just finished getting the last of MY Wisdom teeth in now, and he’s just turning 21 so he has a lot of time to watch and see…he has time on his side and I don’t want him taking unnecessary risky chances, esp. when it’s NOT life-threatening!