The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen!

Our 14 YR old now ALWAYS wears these retarded looking fingerless gloves that look like striped SOCKS!(even in 30 C heat in SUMMER!) They look pretty much the exact as in the photo pictured here except hers are black and red. They are the most ridiculous looking things EVER and look like a pair of ugly striped socks with the toes cut out, but worn on the arms up to the elbows. It makes her look like she broke her arms or something! It’s bad enough she wears them at home but also goes out in public with it and it’s dumb and embarrassing. My hubby scoffs “that’s just YOUR opinion”(yeah, we all know MY opinion doesn’t matter, count for anything or have any merit or influence!) and that “it’s the style” but I don’t care; it  STILL looks retarded! I mean, who the hell wants to wear SOCKS on their ARMS? She wants to look like some stupid anime character or something and even spikes her hair up like them,too. I don’t get it.{shaking head and rolling eyes.}

As well: I had an emotionally draining day yesterday: a friend who I had invested in much emotionally turned out to be NOT who I thought, but a liar and a user(he’s even just marrying his girlfriend to get citizenship!) and now I feel hurt, betrayed and sad.As well, my mother snarked “why do I even ask her anything as I never listen to her anyway” and when I stated,”You NEVER loved me right from the beginning!” she smirked, “That’s RIGHT!” What kind of person SAYS something like that,anyway? I feel like I am self-destructing, like my brain is short-circuiting and like I am going to implode. I am shattered emotionally and am just an empty “shell” left now.I cease to exist.