Why I love being bald.

I love being bald.I first shaved my head to support our son when he had cancer 5 years ago and have pretty much kept it most of the time ever since. I find it very liberating without hair,and it saves a lot of time! No more time spent styling, curling, perming, dyeing,flat-ironing,gelling,moussing,spraying,etc. and I save $$$ on shampoo(and all hair products) and no more worry about hat-hair, bed-head or wind-blown hair. It is funky and unique and now my own individual style. I figure I can never be pretty but I can always be unique.It also brings out cancer awareness and is a fun way to shake things up, make people question society’s obsession with hair and beauty,challenges the idea women must have long flowing hair to be feminine and attractive,and it’s so easy care; just shave it every 2 days(takes 5 minutes) and that’s it! It’s also great for the sweltering summer heat and for swimming(but does get cold in winter so I wear either my fur or wool hats to keep warm)and makes me memorable, such as if I’m to meet my hubby in a store he’d easily be able to identify me to the clerk as “that bald lady”(“have you seen her in here?”) and they’d instantly know who he meant and would remember me! As well, I no longer have to worry about thin hair or grey hair,either! Once I even got preferential service at an airline check-in counter as the clerk said she “admired” me for being individual and having the “courage” to do it. A lot of people say they’d like to but are too “scared”.Once I did it I got rather attached to it and now I really love it!