The Pooper Scooper.

We now call Sieka “Pooper Scooper” as a nick-name due to her disgusting habit of eating ca-ca, and not only does she eat her OWN but snuffles along in the grass looking for turds to eat and eats Wilson’s too and the most gross act ever when he was doing a ca-can she stood behind him, waiting for the turd, with her mouth wide-open, then caught it in her mouth and gulped it down eagerly! It was so gross I was in hysterics and cracked up laughing so hard I cried.(Needless to say, we don’t let her kiss us on the mouth for obvious reasons, and call her “Shit-breath.”) She’s also chewing on the fence(we now rub Tabasco sauce on to discourage her) as well as the porch carpet,and the colour on her nose is even FADING now; turning from black to brown(maybe we can fill in with a black “Sharpie” marker?) and she’s already the SAME size as Wilson now, and she’s just half-grown( she’s 5 months and he’s 18 months old) so I think maybe HE might be “stunted” in some way and a puny runt; not as big as he should be(and males generally are bigger than females,too) and my mom thinks maybe we got “taken” when we bought him; that he’s either NOT really a purebred Shih Tzu or else he’s deformed. He also now lunges at us to attack, and jumps out from under a chair to try and bite our arm or leg,and growls and snarls if we just walk by him, talk to him, or even just LOOK at him. He has a nasty aggressive dominant attitude and we get NO enjoyment out of him at ALL; just trouble,and now he’s starting to bark a lot as well. It’s just a matter of time before we get rid of him now….we don’t ask much: just NOT attack us or destroy things.Those aren’t too high expectations!

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