People I Admire.

People I admire:

Mormons: Their strong sense of family(and having many kids!) and high morals; no smoking or drinking.(no tea or coffee,either)

Amish: Their large, tight-knit families,strong morals, avoiding and apart-ness from the corrupt sinful world,and deep pacifist(anti-war) stance.

Hare Krishnas: They have the right idea on family planning; sex only for married couples and just for procreation.That way, no birth control or abortion EVER, and every child is always a wanted child.They also have high moral standards; no smoking, drinking or gambling.(and no meat)

Muslims: Strong devotion to modesty, virtue and chastity; protecting, preserving, honouring and safeguarding modesty and covering for women in conservative dress.Moral standards: no alcohol or gambling.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: They have high standards, and commitment and perservence in their preaching work.(and no smoking)

Evangelical Christians: They don’t celebrate Hallowe’en due to it’s occult nature(neither do we, for the exact same reason!) ,tend to homeschool,and have strong families and are pro-life.

Buddhist Monks: They are peaceful and bring no harm to any living beings.

Catholic(that’s us!!): strongly defend pro-life; no birth control or abortion.

ANYONE who is for peace, defends God’s Truth, Laws,and morality,and stands up for justice and for what’s right,even when no one else does.

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