Rainbow puppy!

This is the new Webkinz Tie-Dyed puppy.  I got it the other day. I also have the rainbow armadillo and 2 of the Webkinz Jr. puppies. The kids, between them, must have easily over 50 Webkinz! I think they’re the cutest things(with the exception of a couple of fugly-looking ones) and this one I really like; rainbow, and reminds me of my tie-dyed clothes I love so much. It’s like the hippies from the 60’s revived! You also have a code you can use online for the character and they have rooms you can decorate and items you can buy. I just use mine for the cute and cuddly toy(and yes, even at 43 years old my room still looks like a teen girls with the dolls and stuffed toys!) and just give the code to one of the kids to use online; they have a whole collection of them.Even the 3 YR old has started collecting; he has 2 of them already,and yes, he goes online; he’s been using the computer since he was just a YR old.It’s interesting to see what new Webkinz they’ll come out with next! As well, the girls collect the Zhu Zhu Pets and have 22 so far between them!

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