Crocs….with socks(and without.)

Our 3 YR old recently got a cute little green pair of Crocs sandals. He absolutely LOVES them(and looks incredibly cute in them!) and he’s always wearing them, both with and without socks,and he loves them so much he even wore them in BED at night even though we don’t even WEAR shoes IN the house! It’s just the cutest thing,and checking him at night and re-covering him up trying to remove the Crocs off his feet he woke up and wouldn’t allow it! I also have a pair as do 3 of the girls. I agree they AREN’T the most “attractive” things in the world(some may even say fugly) but they sure ARE comfortable! I wear them when I’m walking around at the Ex for 8-12 HRS and they really DO make a difference in how aching ,sore and tired my feet get.My checkered shoes are my fave. shoes(and I have worn them all around the world; they are a pair of funky well-travelled shoes and even got soaked in the Caribbean Sea when I fell off a sailboat….don’t ask!) but my Crocs are by far the most comfortable!(I don’t wear them to bed!)Go for comfort, not style!