I like squirrels(not when they tear apart my garden though!) I think they’re cute and enjoy watching them. Every night around 19:00 this same one always comes to our yard, sits on the fence and munches on his nuts or crab apples from the tree next door. They scamper along the hydro wires,up trees, across the fence, and the dogs like to torment and chase them on the lawn.I simply just like to watch them and my fave. ones are the brownish-grey ones. Once we had a nest of them in our roof as well and my hubby had to evacuate them and fill in the hole they accessed, since they have been known the gnaw thru wiring and cause fires. Our 12 YR old also delights in shooting them with a water gun. When I was a kid I used to play “squirrel”. I remember at school behind the school sitting up on this roof, isolated, away from the rest of the schoolyard, at recess, enjoying solitude as I often did, time alone to think, pray,and dream. I used to watch the squirrels in the oak tree there gathering nuts and used to pretend I was them, wishing I was a squirrel.(I also used to pretend I was a dog and a bird, and spent much of my childhood trying to fly, which, of course,never worked.) I also remember my aunt used to feed the squirrels and leave nuts on her kitchen windowsill and when they were gone the squirrel would actually tap on the window for her to replace them! You see them everywhere here, one of the most common animals, along with raccoons, skunks,chipmunks,rabbits,various birds,and even the odd groundhog or porcupine.One of the funniest things I’ve seen was a BIRD chasing a squirrel along a fence, squawking and flapping it’s wings, and the squirrel running away; I guess it got a bit too close to it’s nest?