I think we have Pertussis! For the past 6 weeks my mother, myself and 2 of the kids have these really bad hacking coughs. It wakes us up at night and is lasting forever. I heard it can last 6-12 weeks and even have a rash which the 3 YR did have last month! We were never sick though, just the bad cough, like an old man cough. The 12 YR old had his vaccine just in March to make up for when his immunity was wiped out from chemo so he doesn’t have it but the rest of us the vaccines must have worn off and there is an outbreak in Saskatchewan and California so it seems entirely possible. It is unlike any cough we’ve ever had before and lasts so long and even cough meds don’t work. It’s finally letting up but even so after 2-3 days of hardly any cough it acts up again! It’s really weird, but in any case, it eventually goes away on it’s own and is only really serious in infants so we’re not worrying about it but it does make me wonder….

I love Sobe!

I love Sobe! It is this drink sold in various flavours and has a bunch of good healthy stuff in it. Supposed to be nutritious and good for you. It’s caffeine-free, has skim milk(although you’d never know it) and other stuff. I like the Pina Colada(coconut and pineapple mix) which is the white one. My kids like the pink one, I think it’s strawberry-banana. Here I’ve only been able to find it in the cinema but in cities I’m sure they probably sell it in many places. It’s expensive, like 3$ a bottle but boy, it sure is GOOD! Who would think a health drink would taste so good? Usually when you think of it you think of yucky concoctions like V-8 juice, or gross green stuff  blended up into a barfy gloppy clump, but Sobe is GOOD!

Sacred Retard.

I got a good laugh: my blog stats show me what people searched in order to find my blog(as well as where they were referred from and which posts they read and how many views,etc.) and one stuck out in particular: “sacred retard.” I shook my head and thought to myself, “Whaaaat?” WTF is THAT? What does THAT mean? Who would search such a thing and why did it lead to my blog? We had a good laugh over it and the 16 YR old quipped I’M a “sacred retard”; being a “religious movement/ walking church” sort of thing. Ha,ha, very funny! In any case, it was hilarious and made an impression and made our day!

IN other news, we never got the worst of the “Great Lakes Cyclone/ Weather Bomb” we were expecting the other night; just heavy rain and bad wind but no thunderstorms and no tornadoes, and my back hurts so MUCH lately it feels like my spine will snap in two and I break out into a sweat, and feel nauseasted and rock with pain. It’s also day 18 for my headache,too, which our oldest hassles me about, and when I ask about his dental app’t he also gets mad and cuts me off! He has a habit of shutting me out.Now I will no longer mention either! I’m tired of being freezed out, really!

As well, Hallowe’en is like a CANCER; a tumour that keeps spreading and it gets WORSE each year; like an infection I just can’t get rid of it; it’s everywhere, and attacking me from all sides! I think I’ll have to barracade myself indoors and turn off the radio, TV, etc. for the next few days! I’m surrounded by evil and the occult and can’t get away from it! It’s everywhere I go, in my face, and drives me NUTS, and, I swear, if it says “Happy Hallowe’en!” on the CHURCH bulletin this week I am going to really flip my lid! I can’t TAKE any more of this! It’s got more “advertisement” than Christmas; Satan’s birthday is competing with Jesus’ birthday….and it’s WINNING! Shit!

Toxic Things Are Deadly!

My mother is a very toxic person and toxic things are deadly.No one makes me feel worse about myself than she does. Yesterday I was struggling with the kids’ schoolwork and had to re-do it 4 times and she smirked at me, “I’M smarter than YOU!” and snickered, “Do you need the 3 YR old to HELP you?” She makes me feel even dumber(and self loathing) than I already do. Friends agree she’s hateful and mean, toxic and suppressive, and that I should eliminate her from my life as she is deadly to my emotional well-being, but the problem is that she owns half the house and refuses to move. She can’t buy us out either(neither of us can afford to buy the other out) and so we’re just stuck.I wish I COULD move out, but I’m not going to just walk away from my investment and without the $$$ from selling the house we have no $$$ to buy another.As awful as it sounds, the only thing I can do it just wait for her to die and then I will finally be free. I feel so oppressed, so helpless,and so trapped. I have no way to get AWAY from her; she is bound to me forever and I must live every day with her cruel hateful comments, her put-downs, her nasty remarks, her over-ruling and undermining me disciplining my kids, meddling and interfering, over-stepping  boundaries with my kids, turning everything back onto me, blaming me for everything, looking for every moment to insult  and belittle me, demeaning and devaluing me, etc.reminding me daily how dumb, ugly, worthless and unloved I am.

A Man For The People.

Rob Ford has won the election for mayor in my former hometown of Toronto. I’m glad to see it, and obviously the changes he will bring is also what the people want as he won a landslide! People have been nasty towards him, calling him “fat”, “bigot”, “drunken wife beater”, “racist”, etc. but despite the taunts he has come thru victorious! He is a Conservative who wants to eliminate the debt in the city, cut back on the large waste of $$$$ in City Hall and eliminate outrageous taxes such as the Land Transfer Tax, where, for instance, someone buying a 600 00$ house has to pay an additional 18 000 tax! I was hoping he’d win; he seems to be a “regular” guy and a man of the people and obviously the majority of people wanted it too since they voted for him! People welcome the changes he will bring and I like him better than George Smitherman, who comes across as arrogant and who was involved in a scandal while he was in a federal gov’t post previously, so not so trustworthy.It has been a nasty mud-slinging campaign, people poked fun of all  of the candidates, heckling Ford was “too fat”, Smitherman was “too gay”, Rossi was “too bald” and Pantalone was “too short” which is ridiculous as it has NOTHING to do with their ability to be mayor! What matters isn’t a person’s sexuality,religion, personal life or problems, family, physical attributes, etc. but how well they can do the JOB; what their policies are; NOT who they ARE but what they can DO! I remember Crombie, Sewell,and Eggleton as mayors while I lived there, and I think Ford will be a good one now  and what they city needs, despite people who criticize him; afterall, the majority VOTED for him!Besides, he also looks like my cousin! 🙂

Man, she’s a real DOG!!

Isn’t this girl a real DOG? Hahaha! Actually, it’s Sieka, using the “Yearbook Yourself” app that I also uploaded pictures of Wilson for. I did it for her as well and as you can see the results are hilarious! I know, I know, I have too much time on my hands! But it’s funny, right?What a dog!

The New Wilson!

How HILARIOUS is THIS? This is Wilson, who I had done using the Yearbook Yourself app on Facebook. What you do is upload your photo(in this case, Wilson’s as I thought it would be a funny idea) and put it with a hairstyle and “bust” of various choices and make it look like a dated yearbook from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. I laughed so hard at it(I did several of him and of myself) that I was crying  and convulsing laughing! It’s the funniest thing and turned out really well! Isn’t it a scream?