The Truth Always Comes Out!

The release of thousands of American diplomatic documents on WikiLeaks is an exercise in freedom; freedom of information,speech and the press.The truth will always come out and it serves them right whatever the consequences and fall-out will be. Now the rest of the world knows how dishonest,disloyal,corrupt, underhanded,big bullies,imperialist,war mongering,paranoid,arrogant,bossy,and sneaky USA really is and always was! Nevertheless, they have tried to block the truth of their abuses coming out by shutting down sites and blocking media where people can access the information.They also have called the release of it “terrorism”( a typical insult they call anyone or anything they don’t like; to discredit them) and trying to prosecute those that released it. Maybe a better idea in the future is just to NOT do/say such things; don’t do anything you’d be ashamed to have others find out! Now there’s a thought!

The documents show that USA insults, strong-arms, coerces and spies on not only their enemies, but also their so-called allies and other UN member states, incl. amassing personal info on them such as passports, bank ID, passwords, encryption codes, auto licenses and travel plans(why, to be better able to assassinate them?), forcing them to accept their prisoners and to claim that American weapons are actually theirs, etc. bad-mouthing other world leaders and allies, covering up illegal CIA activities, blunders and human-rights abuses, overlooking abuses elsewhere,having the rest of the world on a “leash” etc, showing they are untrustworthy, disloyal, and can’t keep secrets.

Personally I hope they are kicked out of the UN and lose their allies and diplomats and that their reputation in the world has been negatively affected. It reminds me as well of the Bible prophecy in these Last Days of the “Fall of Babylon the Great” thought to be a corrupt and ungodly modern-day world empire=USA. So far Canada and France have still pledged their friendship with USA(yeah, just wait until even more documents are released and they hear even more what they have to say about them) and dumb Canada is such a mindless “puppet” to USA they’d let them abuse and insult them to no end and they’d STILL support them; the idiotic spineless followers that they are; say, perhaps THAT’S even what will be released in their upcoming scathing report on Canada, and I wonder if they’ll STILL be so friendly afterwards?

Please also excuse any errors in this post; my computer died, seems to be the hard drive or motherboard, will take at least a week to fix(if it even can be) and in the meantime I have to use the kids’ computer ands the keyboard is all weird and different and feels awkward and uncomfortable. If it needs to be replaced it costs 500$ which I CAN’T afford, so may permanantly have limited computer access, having to borrow the kids’.

Out Of Order.

One of our 3 toilets was broken. It started by making a funny “running” noise and was hard to flush and then I noticed it was wet along the base of the toilet, so we put a Sham Wow to soak up the water, not wanting to spend $$$ on a plumber that we can’t afford.Then it seemed to leak more when flushed, so we developed the habit of NOT using toilet paper or flushing it(and not being allowed to do ca-ca there, but in either of the top floor toilets instead; this one’s on the main floor) This went on for awhile and then it started to REALLY leak, down thru the floor onto the ceiling below so we had to call one then(to avoid what happened at our house when I was a kid: leaked so much it actually fell THRU the floor to the kitchen below and the toilet and chunks of plaster and water crashed thru and landed in the middle of the kitchen, leaving a huge hole in the ceiling) but luckily it was only 90$(thank God!) he just had to replace the gasket(whatever that is) but we didn’t need a new toilet and he was here under an hour.Everything we have sucks and is a piece of CRAP!

Our outdoor Christmas lights had stopped working as well but my hubby found out the timer was just wrong; still on the setting from last year and it thought it was 22:30 and time to shut itself off(so it did) when it was really only 18:30, so it had only ran for 30 min. and shut off, so he simply re-set the timer to correspond with the proper time, and so now they come on at 18:00 and go off at 22:00…so far so good….

I have a curious problem with my left arm as well: it feels tingly and numb and weak(and like I always have to crack the arm, the wrist and the fingers) and hard to hold things or grip as it’s weak, and I have to keep shaking it to try to improve circulation, but I had read it can also be an impending heart attack or stroke ; that’s the funny thing; almost every symptom or malady can either be completely harmless(and in most cases they are) or something very serious, even fatal.Oh, well, if I’m still here over time I guess it was nothing….

Advent, snow,trees,and lights.

Today starts Advent, the 4 week countdown until Christmas! We have our chocolate Advent calenders and put our first candle in our wreath at home and the same at Church.It also starts the beginning of the new Church year/calender and we got new missals. Yesterday we had our first snow as well(after being “teased” on the news for weeks how everyone else had snow and we still never did yet) it came as a sudden squall with the fierce 60 KM winds and within 30 min. it had covered the ground and everything was all white. It was packing snow that crunched under my feet as well and the kids and dogs went out to play in it, and it’s Sieka’s very first snow and she LOVED it; she ran around, rolled around in it,and ate it! Sadly though, just a few hours later it all melted! Waaah!! ¬† ūüė¶

We also got our Christmas tree; an 8 foot Fraser Fir,the kind that hold onto their needles longer, so there’s less dried fallen needles on the carpet to clean up after(or to pierce your feet!) when it comes time to dismantle the tree! It smells really nice,too and the aroma fills the room! I have always loved Christmas trees and lights and even now when I see them it reminds me of when I was a kid. I also bought a hanging Evergreen and red berry plant for the veranda and made a second one using left-over sprigs from the bottom of the tree I arranged into a hanging pot. I was embarrassed buying it as well; I had trouble with the math and couldn’t figure out counting the money(“HOW many twenties is that, and what else do I need?”) and the clerk had to help me and I felt so DUMB! (Yes, my mental decline IS getting much worse, my son calls my “Brain tumour fail!”)

We turned on our outdoor Christmas lights last night as well and just our luck,too: just 30 min.and they shut off,and even “refreshing” the fuse in the basement and unplugging and re-plugging them back in STILL didn’t work,and I’m so mad; it took a long time and a lot of work to put them up…and now they don’t even work after all that! Doesn’t it figure?We don’t have much luck with anything, do we?

I need a complete over-haul!

I am like a jalopy, an old, broken down, beaten up car. I need a serious over-haul, the only thing holding me back, of course, is money.If I had the $$$$ I would get so MANY things done; I need some serious plastic surgery if I ever hope to even look half decent. My boobs easily weigh 5-10 pounds each and the same goes for my belly flab so if I got those reduced surgically I’d lose 20-30 pounds right there! I also need work on my face, skull shape(to get rid of my elongated long “horse” face), misaligned jaw, stomach stapling and lipo to lose weight, dental veneers, and boob and stomach reduction. I also need cheek implants to counter-act my flat face.Pretty much I need work on EVERYTHING, plus something to make my hair thicker and not so limp,fine, and thin and something that actually WORKS to get rid of the grey. I would look like a completely different person and I would no longer be fat and ugly, which also happen to be my 2 biggest regrets but at the same time the things I am powerless to do anything about. I have lost 20 pounds since becoming a vegetarian, but still need to lose 50 more but genetically I’m “programmed” to BE fat(and it’s hard to fight genetics), and there’s nothing I can do about my ugly face. Truthfully, it’s hard to look in the mirror and hate every single thing that I see.I have been held back and limited in life because of my looks. I missed out on so many things, choice and opportunities I would have had otherwise. It’s very emotionally damaging and my life would have been very different if it weren’t for my unfortunate looks. If I was rich I would get everything done; I desperately need some self-esteem and to feel good about myself.It’s not about what OTHER people think of me or how I look, but how I feel about MYSELF. To me, self-esteem is worth any price. I hate myself and the way I look. It makes me want to destroy myself and not even look in a mirror.I don’t even know what it’s like to feel good about myself and if I could I would get the surgery if I could afford it. That would be my dream.

Christmas Prayer.

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in the piercing cold.In that vouchsafe, I beseech Thee,O my God,to hear my prayer and grant my desires(mention your request here) through the merits of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of His blessed Mother. Amen.

Operation Red Nose.

In many areas there is a volunteer service during Christmas/ New Year time called “Operation Red Nose” where people drive drunks home after a night of debauchery and drunken partying at bars or parties. They pick up the drunk and drive him home(in his own car) free of charge, or for a donation. I have mixed feelings about this. I of course do NOT agree with drunk driving, but I also don’t necessarily think Operation Red Nose(as they aptly call it) is such a good idea either as it encourages people to drink and get drunk, in effect, they are *enabling* them and just making it easier for them to drink when what is needed is education to inform them why it’s bad and why they shouldn’t BE doing it in the first place! Alcohol is sinful and nothing good ever comes out of it; people do NOT need to drink to have “fun” and alcohol is responsible for so many of society’s ills, from alcoholism, drunk driving, child and spousal abuse, lax judgement, absenteeism from work,infidelity,alcohol poisoning(a recent study even showed alcohol is more harmful than crack cocaine!), etc. the list goes on. The best thing is to abstain, to NOT even drink alcohol at all in the first place. It is never a good idea to encourage people to drink or to enable them to be drunks. What they should do is NOT drink, but if they do, take a taxi home or have a friend drive them; Operation Red Nose,while well-intentioned(to keep drunk drivers off the streets) I think actually in a way instead ¬†contributes to the problem of drinking; it’s like they’re saying “Go ahead and get drunk; don’t worry;l we can drive you home!” making it even EASIER for people to get drunk,giving them an “excuse” to get sloshed, with less reason not to! I think anything that allows and encourages sinful lifestyles is not a good thing.It’s like handing out condoms to teens and saying,”Go ahead, have sex!” when they should be educating them as to why they shouldn’t and that abstinence is the best way, both for sex and drinking. People have to take some responsibility and just turn their backs on immorality and not make it EASY for people to fall into sin; not to help them commit sin!Stand up AGAINST it!

Gun-Loving Rednecks.

I had an online “war” with a bunch of gun-loving rednecks. I had simply asked an innocent question, wanting to understand the American’s love of guns, not being disrespectful, but honestly just ¬†trying to see their point of view, only Iwas ganged-up on, attacked,slandered, called names, and Canadian bashed. It was ¬†the stereotypical rude,loud, obnoxious,brash, bigoted ¬†American arrogance. Fortunately many Americans I know are NOT like that, but these gun-toting rednecks are what give all Americans a bad name(just as the low-class beer-swilling, hockey loving losers here make Canadians look bad) and are an example of why such negative stereotypes exist! They are the steroetypical boorish Americans I have seen abroad many times as well; loudly complaining, being demanding and critical, yelling about “all these dirty ‘foreigners'”, grumbling “How come now one here speaks English?”and griping, :”How come there’s no American food?” etc.(it makes me wonder WHY they even travel in the first place! Part of travel IS to experience and enjoy OTHER cultures, food, languages,etc) the loud obnoxious ones that embarrass the rest of us in the tour group(making us just roll our eyes and shake our heads in disgust) as well as the host country with their rude attitude,that buffoonish crass, boorish behaviour that gives them a bad name. That’s the kind of losers I was dealing with here.There’s no reasoning with yee-haws like that!

They also spouted their BS how “guns don’t kill people” etc. which is ridiculous; of COURSE they do, and they greatly contribute to violence, gun deaths,and a high crime rate. Here, for example, where the average citizen doesn’t own a gun(there is really no reason to) and gun registration is strict, we see very few gun related deaths and accident shootings, such as kids shooting themselves or eachother, or ¬†family members accidently shooting eachother thinking they’re burglars, etc. but try and tell that to those big-mouth,arrogant, know-it-all,flag-waving, war-mongering, violence-loving, gun-toting yahoos! I wouldn’t even be surprised if those rednecks “followed” me here and are reading this!They were so racist and rude it was unbelievable! Ask one innocent question and get attacked!They’re crazy!

Here, only the police, the criminals ,and rural farmers(for shooting wolves, bears, coyotes,etc) and hunters generally even own guns; the average citizen does not, and there’s no need for it.I have lived both here and in USA and I have to say their society generally is much more violent(although interestingly, one on one they are friendly, kind people) and when I lived there in 1984 they were so paranoid(now they are too,only now ¬†over terrorism and use that as an excuse to infringe on people’s rights and privacy by playing on their fear) that they literally thought Communists were lurking around every corner; it was a totally different mindset and mentality.There is also way more crime there and violence in society in general.It was a culture shock!(of course the yahoos said that wasn’t true either!)

Americans would be surprised how the rest of the world REALLY sees them(they THINK everyone loves them and sees them as the military “saviour” of the world and are envious…HA!) as obnoxious bullies, and don’t share their fascination of guns, which they always will vehemently defend and be in-your-face obnoxious over. I just don’t get it; it’s so foreign to me and God and Jesus are peaceful and non-violent and not pro-gun, pro-war and pro-military like many Americans are and I can’t understand “Christians” that are so pro-gun! It boggles my mind!It’s like an oxymoron! I personally will take Europe any day,more civilized society, more class and culture and less crime and violence.


I have been waging an online “war” on a blog with a bunch of gun-toting flag-waving American yahoos(more about that later in another post) who accused me of being “racist” and ¬†a “Liberal”(HA! Nothing could be farther from the truth! and “not having to explain themselves to foreigners,”etc.) and people have wondered why I’m NOT so “fond” of USA(despite living there, which is partly the reason, due to the high crime, and overall general violent mentality, I was also a victim of) but the following from other sources explains it all:

From Christopher Story in “Soviet Analyst” 2002:

“The USA, like the covert continuing Soviet Union,is also inherently and historicaly a revolutionary power and has adopted an arrogant exapnsionist mentality and an agenda of global revolution,which is becoming almost as much of a threat to world peace as the USSR’s overtly predatory global behavior under Leonid Brezhnev.”

From John Pilger’s lecture “Invisible Government” 2001:

“The anti-Americanism that is prevalent in Latin America,the Asian and Islamic countries, etc. and to a lesser extent in Europe,is directed against this predatory entity and the ideology that supports it.It is not essentially not a racial hatred of white Americans,of Americans in general,or of American culture,but it often leads to that,due to the excesses of American political and economic domination and oppression of other nations and the military aggression against other nations that has outstripped the oppression and predations of the former Soviets and the British Empire before them.During my lifetime,America has been constantly waging war against much of humanity;impoverished people mostly, in stricken places.”

Source: “The Fatima Crusader.”

Well, that about says it all, doesn’t it? American imperialism, waging war(Iraq comes to mind here) acting like the Policeman of the world,and their violent, gun-loving nature, does NOT endear them to the rest of the world,and causes their often negative stereotypes and causes them to be the butt of jokes around the world, yet they seem clueless to how the rest of the world sees them and continue to be arrogant and dominant.They come across to other nations as a loud obnoxious bullies, blow-hards, braggarts, bigoted, rude and aggressive. They provoke other nations and then act the “victim” and wonder why they are targeted for attack.As well from ¬†John Pilger:

“There is indeed a global war being waged, but not a “War Against Terror” being waged against shadowy terrorist groups supported by militant Islamic or Communist regimes, but against us, in order to set up a global government ; a perverse and genocidal anti-Christian,anti-Jewish,anti-Muslim,anti-God police state.”

Money Grubbers!!

This outrageous cost of hydro is getting way out of hand. Now it’s so bad(our last bills were 1200$ each(which is as much as people’s mortgage or rent!) and used to be 600$) esp. with the new Smart meters, we have had to cut back so much to save $$$ that we don’t even ¬†put the lights on, the furnace on, or do laundry until after 9pm when the rate is less, but don’t during peak hours and only use the small toaster oven instead of the big oven.It gets pretty cold in here so we have to bundle up wearing heavy sweaters! They say all in all this using non-peak hours will save the average person a grand total of 11$ a month! Wow, whoopee doo! If we can’t save more we’ll have to NOT use ANY electricity at ALL, incl. NO appliances at all except for the fridge which we HAVE to keep plugged in or else all our food will spoil! We checked our progress online ¬†and it says now we use 58% at non-peak hours so we’re hoping our bill will go down; we went from it costing 10$ a day to between 3-4$ a day now so it should show up as a big reduction in our next ¬†bill…..

Now they claim as well they give people a 10% reduction in hydro costs and lessen peak hours(but not until MAY; why not NOW?) and eliminate the hated HST tax…..but, they also said the rates will be going UP another 46% over the next 5 years too(ours has already DOUBLED already!),and we can’t even afford it NOW so I don’t know what we’ll do then!To add insult to injury the reason the costs are going up is to pay for the new “Green” enviro-crap upgrades(so much for going “Green” SAVING $!), so why should we be forced to pay for something I don’t even WANT or believe in? I know for sure the next provincial ¬†election there’s no way in Hell the corrupt Liberals will be elected again, after this hydro mess, introducing the HST and the sneaky Eco tax….all the PC’s have to do to win is to eliminate the HST and remove the Smart meters and peak rate times and lower hydro costs and they’ll be elected! The only good of it is the Liberals have ruined it for themselves so hopefully next year we’ll be rid of them and all the problems they cause!

On top of that, they say in this country cell phone bills are TWICE what they are in other places, mainly due to bans on foreign companies investing and creating competition,and the gov’t trying to also make prostitution and polygamy LEGAL now as well! This country really SUCKS!We have everything overly- controlled, regulated or banned,we are taxed 2-3 times on the same goods, have one of the highest Income Taxes in the world, have no good products and what we DO have we always have to pay twice as much as anywhere else, they are racist to immigrants and foreign investors, and are way too liberal and permissive, lax on morality,and ¬†are legalizing immorality and sin! I would leave if I could but haven’t got the $$$; it’s all going on hydro bills!

What was he THINKING?

What was he THINKING? The Pope has now said that it’s ok for male prostitutes to use condoms! WHAT? How about instead of condoning and encouraging blatant SIN he stands up against it and says it’s wrong and that abstinence is the answer? I can’t believe he’s turned his back on morality and given in to pressure from an immoral,corrupt and ungodly world! Basically what he’s saying is like handing out condoms to highschool kids and encouraging them to have sex when they should be taught morals and that abstinence is the answer.Two wrongs don’t make a right.They should be taught the proper moral thing. I have to say I am greatly disillusioned, disgusted and angered by this Pope. Between this, covering up the clergy sex abuse scandal and being an enviro-freak he is taking the Church in the wrong direction and away from God and into the modern world, but the Bible says he who is a friend of the world is an enemy to God. The world may change(and society becomes more immoral and permissive) but God(and His Laws) do NOT change.The Pope is to follow GOD and NOT the world! This is NOT the Church I once knew and loved. He is turning a lot of devout faithful people away. The sad thing is though, where else is there to GO? In these Last Days ALL the churches are corrupt, morally lax and in the state of apostacy. Between ordaining gays, women, allowing abortion, birth-control,living in sin, gambling, intoxication,smoking,etc. is there ANY religious faith LEFT that HASN’T fallen to the sin and corruption of the world?We are to remain true and faithful to God ¬†and need places of worship,but we are not given the right examples! I can only hope this Pope either resigns or is ousted out. He is a disgrace.One of my kids mentioned once he looks like the evil Darth Sidious from Star Wars. Maybe they’re NOT so wrong about that? I’d even go as far as to wonder if he’s maybe even one of the Anti-Christs? A darkness has infiltrated the Church from within!