All Souls Day.

Today is All Souls day, the day following All Saints Day; a day to remember, honour,and pray for, the dead, incl. the holy souls in Purgatory. We are always to keep the dead in our prayers but today is a special day designated to do so.I believe in Mexico it is also the Day of the Dead, or something to that effect.

I am also angry and dismayed to STILL see occult Hallowe’en things everywhere; on TV, on the news, the radio, kids’ online games, etc. that crap should have been OVER yesterday; it should have been the end of it for another YR. I am just filled with so much righteous anger, esp. on HOLY days even more so! I would have thought and expected that once it was over and it was November that was it! It is celebrating Satan’s birthday competing against Jesus’ birthday(Christmas) and sadly it seems Satan’s is winning, even after the day is past.This world has gone to hell!