Our Lying Government Sucks!

I feel sad every time I see this photo(and it reminds me of our 16 YR old son) of a 14 YR old Omar Khadr, the same time he was arrested and thrown into the notorious U.S military  Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba,a place for the worst U.S prisoners. May I add he was also gravely injured at the time as well.They said he threw a grenade in Afghanistan and it killed an American soldier.Omar is a Canadian citizen and has been rotting in the jail for the past 8 YRS, tortured, unable to see or speak to his family, in solitary confinement,and without even a trial until just this week!!(the jury gave him a 40 YR sentence but it has been amended due to a previous plea bargain they were unaware of) Amnesty International and other human rights groups have decried this cruel and inhumane treatment against a CHILD; he was always maintaining his innocence and was rather just  a child soldier brainwashed by a fanatical father.He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and has maintained someone else threw the grenade. He recently pleaded guilty in a plea bargain as that was the only way he could ever be free, and so….

This is where the corrupt and lying gov’t comes in. They have been criticized years ago for NOT having him extradited to Canada to face a fair trial but merely left to languish in a hard-core U.S prison with adult, mainly terrorists and prisoners of war.. Now, they have made an agreement with the American gov’t that he’d serve another YR there and be sent home, either to serve out the rest of his 8 YR sentence or be released, as they see fit…..BUT… the gov’t has denied this, despite official documents that show otherwise. In other words, once again they have lied, covered up(remember the cover up of secret military documents showing mistreatment and killing of THOUSANDS of Afghan civilians they are still trying to NOT have released despite being ordered by the courts to do so) and deceived the public about their activities, esp. regarding the unjust war in Afghanistan( the last time I checked Afghanistan was never a threat to us.) and so it goes.

As far as Omar Khadr is concerned, I think enough is enough. He has spent 8 YRS in prison, has lost his teen years(he’s now 23 YRS old) was tortured, treated inhumanely,isolated, and forced to make a confession in order to have a chance of ever seeing freedom again and the gov’t has screwed him over not once, but twice. I hope once he comes back home he will go on parole and will have a chance to start over; to have a chance at a normal life. Even if he IS guilty, he has more than paid for his crimes, and if he’s innocent….I don’t even want to think about they’ve done to him. I don’t condone terrorism of course, but I also don’t condone gross human rights violations either(or lying gov’ts), esp. not on a child, and the corrupt gov’t has got a lot of explaining to do and I for one am sick of their lies, deception, corruption, and sins in Afghanistan and hope they withdraw the troops. 75% of our people do NOT approve and I am one of them! I think what has happened to Omar Khadr is shameful.