I have HAD it with Wilson! After it seemed its aggressiveness training had been working(it hadn’t growled or bitten us in 10 days or so) it is back to it and worse; for the past 4 days it has been growling, snarling, and even jumping way up into the air to bite and even bit my hand and broke thru the skin. I have made up my mind we will be getting rid of it in spring/summer of next year for sure, once he and Sieka have puppies and we can replace him. It is NOT acceptable to have a vicious dog that growls and attacks us unprovoked. You just walk by it and it growls and when you yell at it to shut up it lunges out  to bite. My 16 YR old said it’s MY fault(when the dog’s just an asshole!) and if I get rid of it I’m a “failure” and “giving up” but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and at least that way the problem’s solved, and it’s not like we didn’t try; it would have been a year by then we’ve given it a chance and tried correcting its dominance and aggression. It just has an attitude problem, plain and simple and we’re not putting up with it. The other day it even jumped up so high to attack me it got all the way up to my boobs; what next; my FACE? Like a friend of mine said, HOW vicious does it have to GET before we just get RID of it? She said if  she had a dog that bit her she’d beat it to death across the head with a shovel! It’s just a lost cause and hopeless and what other choice do we have, esp. with kids?