Bye Bye Baldie!!

I have decided after being bald(or Buzz cut) for the most part of the past 5 YRS I want a change; I am starting to grow my hair back in for winter(it’s cold being bald!) but still short; growing out into a short “Pixie” cut, and besides, if I decide I don’t like it I can always just shave it all off again, right? I got tired of having to shave my head every 2 days, felt like a change and figured winter would be a good time to grow it in, for warmth.My hair grows quickly(so fast, in fact, that if I shave it completely bald in the morning by 4pm it already feels rough like sand paper), so I don’t expect it’ll take long to grow into the style; 3-4 months, maybe even less….I know it has a lot of grey but for now will let it come in and see how it looks and if it’s gross I can always colour it, and if grey it’ll be easy to go blonde; won’t even have to bleach it out before I dye it, unlike when it was dark!