Remembrance Day; to honour who?

On 11 Nov. it’s Remembrance Day, which used to be a day to remember and honour those that died in World War I and World War II, and this is an honourable thing as they were just wars; fought for freedom from Nazi tyranny…but now they also incl. the modern-day military as well; to remember and honour the present-day soldiers, mainly those that serve in Afghanistan, which is an UNJUST war, has nothing to do with freedom, but it oppressing people in another nation and raping,torturing, and  killing innocent civilians in the thousands and then lying about it and covering it up. Hardly “honourable”(OR “Peace Keeping!”) I’d say, and an insult to those that died valiantly defending freedom in the 2 World Wars. I agree those should not be forgotten(if you forget history tends to repeat itself; we must learn from our mistakes of the past) but I DON’T agree with glorifying the troops today; it’s a totally different thing, and the military now is not the same as it was then, and to lump the 2 together in the same honour and respect  is where I have a problem as I in no way support the military today, although I do have respect and gratitude for those that gave their lives for freedom in the World Wars; it’s a totally different story now.(The last time I checked Afghanistan was never a threat to us and have never invaded us) I used to wear a poppy to honour the war dead(as what they fought for was honorable) but now I no longer  do so as it might incorrectly show I support the military today, which I don’t, and I am for peace(and if there IS a need for war, only a just war; for defence NOT offense)not war, esp. when it is not justified, so as a political statement I no longer wear the poppy anymore.