Flu Vaccine….or Something More?

It’s happening again. It’s all over the TV, in the papers, on the radio, etc: urging us to get our annual Flu shot. Now they say it’s an improved vaccine combined with both the seasonal Flu AND H1N1(“Swine Flu”) vaccine all rolled into one. Thanks, but no thanks. I have never gotten, nor will I ever get, a Flu vaccine.Everyone I have known that HAS gotten it has been really sick; sicker than if they had the Flu. They have even been in the ICU and almost died. I just don’t trust it, for many reasons and as it is now in our house we generally get the Flu once every 5 YRS(we just had it in April so should be ok for awhile!) so as I see it, we now have a 50% chance of getting it, whereas if we had the vaccine I KNOW we’d be sick for sure from the reaction. Besides, that nasty thimerosol and stuff; injecting toxins into our bodies, never seemed like a good idea!(not to mention that some vaccines are derived from aborted fetuses; I kid you not!)

I am suspicious as well: WHY exactly DOES the gov’t push it so much? Since when do they CARE about the people? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are secretly sterilizing people with it instead(explaining why they specifically target kids ,before they reach reproductive age) or even implant microchips so they can keep track of us. I know it must sound like some nutty conspiracy theory, but I really wouldn’t put it past them, esp. now in this age of intrusive Nanny State Big Brother gov’t! Why IS the gov’t insisting so much on it?

Most fellow homeschoolers that I know do NOT even vaccinate at all and I respect their decision. Most “worldly” people vaccine without thinking. We are in-between; our kids have the standard vaccines(DPT, MMR and Meningitis), but we do NOT get the Flu shots or the ones such as Hepatitis and Gardasil, which basically encourage(and assume) teens to be whores, as the main way of getting such diseases(hepatitis and cervical cancer) is from immoral living, so, unless you’re going to be a junkie or a  whore(and then it sort of serves you right) the chances of catching these diseases is very low, and therefore the vaccine is unwarranted(unless, of course, you are going to do missionary work, then the Hep. vaccine is probably a good idea) As for the Swine Flu, we likely have what they call “herd immunity” anyway; the vast majority of the people are immunized and therefore the risk of exposure is low. In any case, is the vaccine really LESS harmful than the disease? We think not,and afterall, is it REALLY a so-called “harmless” Flu vaccine….or something more, and with the gov’t pushing it(even in some parts making it ILLEGAL to NOT be vaccinated!) it really makes you think! We’ll take our chances with the Flu.