A Redneck Christmas.

My hubby wants to turn our house into a “Griswold” Christmas-style, after the movie. He wants a Redneck Christmas, to over-decorate the house in the most cheap, tacky, gaudy, god-awful way, overdoing lights and festooning it with hideous lawn ornaments, inflatable Santas, reindeer with lights wrapped around it, etc. you get the idea(shuddder!). I think the wreath and a few lights(on veranda, balcony,and bushes) are nice and look pretty but anything more is TOO much.It looks tacky,low-class, white trash, not to mention the hydro bill which we can’t even afford NOW as it is! Due to the outrageous hydro costs we have to cut back on Christmas too; only have the tree on for like 2 HRS a night and the lights on the house come on later, from 21:00-23:00 instead of 17:00-23:00 like we used to; we just can’t afford the electricity(and even now keep the furnace off and wear sweaters, do laundry past 21:00 when the rate is cheaper, keep lights off, etc.to cut back, hoping for a lower bill)Hubby has convinced the kids as well to make the house gaudy and hideous but I’m mortified and forbid it! Besides, it’ll likely blow a fuse and shut down power in the entire neighbourhood if he had his way! He clearly doesn’t know the meaning of “excess”. To me, less is more,and more is tacky and Hillbilly-ish! NO WAY!! Over my dead body!