I think my mother and husband are heathens! He was mad I won’t let the kids play a game with occult(ghosts and witches) in it and even tried to :justify” it WASN’T occult, NOT even caring what God says about avoiding EVERYTHING to do with the occult! He excuses Hallowe’en,too!

My mother also always excuses sin and immorality, and sneers you “can’t control other people or tell them waht to do” except GOD can, and we are to uphold His standards and inform people. She also said it’s “Ok for them to do what they want”, etc. except it’s NOT ok; God’s standards apply to EVERYONE, whether they acknowledge it or not, and if you condone and tolerate  sin then that makes you almost as bad as them! We are commanded to uphold and stand up for His Truth and against sin!! She tries to “justify” neglecting my religious upbringing as a kid as well as we “Didn’t do that”(go to Church, yet never game me a sound reason WHY; I suspect sheer apathy and laziness on her part and shirking her parental duty) and said she’s “Going to Hell” but “at least she won’t have to listne to ME anymore!” and I told her tha if she keeps up like this she WILL go to Hell, disregarding and dismissing God  and mocking believers, and she smirked(as a shot at me) that “Being religious and going to church isn’t enough; you also have to be NICE to people,too!”, but what can SHE say?SHE’S nasty, hateful, spiteful, vengeful, mean,and NOT nice herself!! Then she smirked, “I’m my OWN religion!”(whatever that means!) and taunts me for switching religions, but, unlike her, at least I’ve always HAD a strong faith and followed God! She has NO eithics or morals and has never cared about God or His requirements…and it shows!

It seems I am all alone here in trying to do what’s right, to live a morally clean life,and to teach and raise my kids according to God’s Word. I am opposed on both sides and have no support, only ridicule and harassment.I am actually surprised, with a mother like her(cruel, neglectful, emotionally abusive and scoffing at,even outright hostile to, God and religion and morality in general) that I ended up with as strong a faith and as devout as I am, but I am determined to teach my KIDS right form wrong and bring them up godly and righteous, despite the opposition from both her and my hubby, and even though I am alone here God is on MY side!