Catching up on our busy lives:

I have another yeast infection(I get them a lot, and at one point even once a month!) and raking leaves we found a surprise: a dead squirrel in the pile(the kids screamed and I lifted it up with the rake and tossed it by the side of the road) and tomorrow our oldest sees the dentist about his Wisdom teeth and I hope she dissuades him from risking unnecessary surgery and instead tells him to wait and give it some time. As well, we got over 1oo photos printed and I arranged them into our album,the 14 YR old’s piano teacher got mugged in Toronto; walking from the parking lot to the opera and luckily unhurt but emotionally shaken up and feels violated(and being from a small town she’s not used to crime like this) and I know how it feels; I have been mugged a few times before, mainly in L.A.They got her purse though with all her ID! Our travel agent also booked our flights for our April Caribbean trip, I reg’d 3 of the kids for their Church Sacraments for next spring,and one of our toilets is broken; the water keeps running and makes a funny noise. We also filled up shoeboxes with toys and toiletries for poor children for Operation Christmas Child, put up our outside house Christmas lights(but not actually putting them ON for another 2 weeks; after the parade) and 3 of us have Pink Eye. I noticed as well the over-heated lightbulb burnt a black spot on the light fixture in my room and heard hydro rates are STILL expected to go up another 34% over the next 2 YRS and we can’t even afford our 1200$ bills NOW, and even keep the furnace off to cut back and save $$(we just wear sweaters indoors) so WHAT will we do NEXT? Have to take out LOANS to pay our hydro bills, or what?