Please pray for the Steiners!

Please pray for the Steiner family. I first heard of their plight on Plain Pam’s blog. They are a Canadian Christian family with 6 young kids working as missionaries in Bolivia. As they attempted to board the plane home their passports were confiscated and they have just simply vanished! This was 2 weeks ago. This is just terrifying and unthinkable that airport authorities would do such a thing; you hear about people being taken hostage off the street, say, in Mexico, but this is even more shocking given that officials have done it. They were initially told if they handed over 4000$ they would be returned but that hasn’t happened. There are all kinds of horrible possibilities of what may have happened to them. Were they kidnapped? held for ransom? murdered? Jailed? Sold into slavery, prostitution or foreign adoption? Where are they now? I hope the embassy can get down to the bottom of this ,esp. as it’s their job to take care of their citizens abroad. This is just so unthinkable! What HAPPENED to them? Have they been separated? Are they even still alive? Please pray for their safety, lives, and safe return home.As a mother who frequently flies/travels to other countries with my kids this story has shaken me to the core; who’s to say it couldn’t have just as easily been us or anyone? We are going back to the Caribbean in April as well with 2 of the kids. This is very unsettling, to say the least. Please pray for this family in dire need!

Please also pray for baby Joel,another of my prayer requests, who has a cancerous brain tumour and the highest doses of chemo hasn’t worked and now they are only giving him a few mere months to live.Please pray for a miracle healing, and for strength for his family. Our son had leukemia and luckily beat it, so any family enduring a life-or-death cancer battle for their child esp. touches me close to my heart.