Acid Reflux or Angina?

For the past 4 days I have either bad acid reflux(GERD) or angina.Hard to tell which as the symptoms are identical.It feels like a big lump stuck down in the throat(I have to keep clearing my throat) and behind my chest, as well as a  bad tight burning in my chest. I also had it last month or so as well. If it’s acid reflux it’s supposed to be after a meal and worse laying down but with mine it’s ANY time(even first thing in the morning as I lay in bed, HRS after I last ate) and for me it’s actually better laying down! It’s also typically on and off but mine lasts all day.I had it before when I had my Obstetric Cholestasis liver failure 3 YRS ago,(I suspect the inflamed liver pushing my stomach up and pushing the contents back up into the chest and throat) so perhaps it’s gall bladder related now(similar symptoms as well), or the liver acting up again,as I am itchy again now too like I was then. I have always suspected I have Marfan Syndrome as well as I(and my son, father, and grandfather) have the physical traits: tall, long thin limbs, high narrow arched palate, small jaw, crowded teeth, flexible joints, long narrow face,etc.)and with this genetic disorder it is also common to have BOTH acid reflux AND heart problems, esp. with valves, irregular rhythm,and  risk of aortic rupture and angina….so I’m still no further ahead with the mystery! I guess time will tell…if I have a heart attack then we know it was angina warning me….and if not, then it must be acid reflux, by the process of elimination!

Good news as well: a follow-up to the Steiner family I have been praying for: the last I heard they were given their passports back and were heading to the airport to return home, so, unless the same thing happens yet again, they could even be safely home by now. Please continue to  pray for their safe return.