Medical updates.

Our oldest saw the dentist(his first time ever at age 21, as we never had dental coverage but his university student coverage does) like myself, who first(and only time!) saw a dentist at age 23, at a time when  my hubby had  a job that had dental coverage and we got all our fillings filled in,who said the Wisdom teeth do need to come out, as he,like me, has a small narrow jaw, and crowded teeth(another symptom of Marfan Syndrome) and there’s no room for them to grow in. The next step is an x-ray next week. I am hoping(since surgery is now a given) at least he’ll have the less-risky IV sedation anesthetic instead of General. He says his student coverage covers 90% and foolishly thought the surgery itself would only cost 200$ or so! HAHAHAHA! He has NO idea how expensive dental procedures are; a single filling costs 350$, braces cost 10 000$ and veneers are 1000$ each! I would say it’ll easily cost 1-2000$ anyway….I worry as surgery is surgery and there are risks, and even though he’s an adult now and no longer living at home he’s still my son and I’m still his mother and that’ll never change. I worry because I care!(plus, I know the risks involved!)

As well: we got a surprise bill in the mail for an AMBULANCE for our daughter away at school too, from 2 weeks ago, and this is the first we’ve heard anything about it, so naturally we flipped! We sent her a message to get back to us as she had some explaining to do! As it turned out, she and a friend were fooling around at the friend’s house and she hit her head on a chair and got knocked out and had a big bump, and even once awake she was out of focus, so the mother called an ambulance. She had a CT scan and was kept for observation but ended up fine; just a concussion. Hopefully NOW she’ll be more careful; whenever they goof off someone ALWAYS gets hurt! When will they ever learn? I also remember our son as a teen and his pals at camp with a huge slingshot they stretched across 2 trees and it thwacked back and hit his eye, and he’s had trouble with it ever since; inflamed, red, teary; needs regularly drained and eyedrops.When will they realize that one split second of reckless(and dangerous) “fun” can result in permanent damage for life? He’s lucky he didn’t end up BLIND!!

I’d say that’s more than enough medical drama for this week!