Cranberry Vases.

I love Cranberry vases. I have several of them in our china cabinet that my hubby has bought for gifts for me(birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas) over the years. For me, not only are they beautiful, but also come with nostalgic happy childhood memories of my fave. aunt.My aunt also had many of these Cranberry vases she had on her windowsill and fireplace mantel piece. We visited her when I was a kid(up to age 13) during Christmas and summer. When I stayed with her I would sit at the window and admire the pretty vases, and hoped that one day I too would have ones like those. I marvelled at how beautiful they are and how the sun shone right thru them.Now when I see mine it reminds me of my aunt and the fun times I had at her house and the happy memories that go with it. She was also the aunt that showed me how to rub cucumber on my face for a good complexion, and introduced me to buttermilk, yogurt and cottage cheese. I had fun with my cousins as well; they were older than me and took me shopping, put pearl pink nailpolish on me and showed me how to put on make up. One of them also bought me a baton(I still remember) and we’d climb their big tree out the front, go to the park, for walks and to the corner store and buy treats.I haven’t heard from them in years now and often think about them and every time I see the Cranberry vases in our china cabinet I think about them even more and I smile at the thought.