Yet Another Broken Promise.Big “Surprise!”

Gee, who’d think?{sarcasm} the lying gov’t has broken yet ANOTHER promise to the people again!  PM Harper had promised that next year(that is, 2011) he would completely pull ALL the troops out of Afghanistan(which is an unjust war anyways and they have no business being there, killing innocent civilians and 75% of people polled agreed they should be OUT) yet now he says they’ll stay on ANOTHER 2 YRS, only in a teaching capacity.Sure, well, they can call it whatever they want, but they’re STILL there when it was promised they would withdraw. They are giving in to American and NATO allies pressure but what they really need to do is to grow a pair and just stand up to them and say “NO!” and keep the promise they made.They ALSO call what they’re doing NOW “Peace keeping” as well when they’ve killed thousands of civilians(and then cover it up). NOT exactly “Peace keeping” if you ask me. Not only that but he said he’s NOT even going to bring it to Parliament for a vote either(like he should if it’s a democracy) but that he alone has the authority to approve it.I sure hope people will NOT just sit back and accept this; I hope he will be forced to put it to a vote(and I’m sure of he did they would deny it) and do what they people who elected him want! Last time I checked, actions like this sound like a dictatorship.This country sucks!