Cracked Vessel.

With all the several traumas, rejections, hardships, bad luck,abuses, bullying, etc. in my life it has left me feeling like a cracked vessel. Each blow has cracked me and bit by bit God has glued me back together again,yet the cracks still remain, forever fragile and never as strong as it once was, and with the next fall easily broken again. Some things in life that happen are so terrifying, so shattering, so brutal and so horrifying that you are damaged and broken forever and can never be fully repaired. Like the vase that has been broken and put back together, it will never be the same and will forever remain vulnerable and less able to withstand another abuse.God is the Master Potter; He has formed me and molded me. He is the one who gently repaired me and put the broken pieces back together again every time they are shattered.I am a cracked vessel, but belong to a Great Craftsman who takes great pride in His work and will never turn His back on His creation, and is always there to repair any needed fixes, touch ups and damage over and over and over again, as many times as it takes and it is painstaking work.