More “Valuable?”

Ok, now this REALLY “gets” me! On the news when they reported the explosion in the Mexican resort hotel they started off the report by saying that 5 Canadians were killed, just like they do with EVERY disaster report; they always mention first and foremost  how many Canadians specifically, as if somehow THEIR lives are more important or more “valuable” or newsworthy than those of citizens of other countries.This strikes me as insensitive and arrogant. ALL human life is equally valuable and matters; it doesn’t matter what country they’re from, what nationality or religion they are, etc. why can’t they just say how many PEOPLE were killed, without always giving Canadians the priority? In the reports they act like that’s the most important thing; how many Canadians were killed, rather than focusing on the general tragedy that claimed LIVES,period, regardless where they were from.

As well, UNESCO has listed over 200 various ethnic and cultural factors around the world(incl. dance, cuisine,art, craftsmanship,etc.) and NOTHING from Canada made the list, so I guess the rest of the world knows what I do; that this is a nation of low-class LOSERS! Ha ha! NOT exactly known for being cultured or refined,and swilling beer, watching curling or playing hockey aren’t exactly “cultured”, although I am surprised that Native arts, dance, etc. aren’t included as they actually ARE from distinct cultures that are centuries old, but I can certainly see why Canada never made the list! They are all mad and feel “snubbed” by it, but I can see they were rightly left out, I mean, really, WHAT “culture” does this country HAVE?It’s embarrassing!

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