A Royal Wedding.

Britain’s Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton are engaged to be married. This makes ME feel really OLD, since I watched his parents’ wedding and now I’m here for their son’s as well. I hope they will be happy and that, unlike his parents’, that this marriage will last. I also hope Kate ‘s life won’t be destroyed by royalty like Princess Diana’s was.I hope after dating for 8 years that they really do know eachother well and are genuinely in love, but it makes me wonder if they ARE in love why it took him so long to propose? I mean, if you’re SURE, it doesn’t take 8 YRS! People are also criticizing his decision to give her his mother’s engagement ring but to me it makes perfect sense; it’s a family heirloom!(plus, this way he saves $$$, but not that he has to worry about that, unlike the rest of us!)

It’s interesting how different they are from his parents and their wedding and relationship. His parents were more of an “arranged” marriage in the way they were set up. There was a large age-gap,it was a short courtship as well, only a matter of months, and Prince Charles was pushed to marry(out of duty, not love) to produce and heir. Princess Diana was also a virgin at her wedding and she wasn’t known for her brains. This time, however, it’s quite different: they met and fell in love on their own accord(at university), have been dating for 8 long YRS, are currently “shacking up” in a house in Wales(actually not a well-known or well publicized fact),they are close in age, and she is older and ¬†better educated.I hope that this time around it will be a happy, not tragic ending, and that the marriage lasts and history won’t repeat itself.