My Hair’s Progressing.

On Monday it’ll be 3 weeks since I started letting my hair grow back in, after being bald for pretty much mostly the past 5 YRS. I just wanted a change and to have it warmer for the winter. It is now 1/4 of an inch long.It is also 3/4 GREY so I put on a grey cover-up formula but it didn’t work so then I dyed it with a medium brown dye(to match my natural colour, just to hide the grey) only of course with MY “luck” it STILL  didn’t work; it just lightened the rest to a more coppery colour. It figures. I am growing it out to a short “Pixie” cut(like Halle Berry’s style, seen here). Now it looks like a Buzz-cut,and I figure it’ll have grown in around March or so. I am surprised how quickly it grows, it’s the average 1/2 inch a month but from going completely bald to this in just under 3 WKS looks like a big difference.The kids say I look “funny” with hair and it took my “slow” hubby 2 weeks before he even noticed I’m NOT bald anymore!