Airport Porn.

Airport porn. There’s simply no other way to describe the new invasive scanners that are almost as detailed as an MRI, showing clear details of one’s naked body. Plus, there’s the radiation factor and the intrusion to people’s privacy, simply because they think EVERYONE must be a terrorist and are treated like criminals.The Americans are paranoid and crazy!Now many major US airports are enforcing the scans and if you refuse they pat you down like a strip-search at a prison, even groping your private parts, incl. fondling little kids as young as 3 YRS old. Of course this is beyond wrong on so many levels and such a gross infringement on people’s rights, freedoms and modesty. Now they say if you refuse they can even fine and arrest you. So much for freedom!

As well, the images show EVERY single little detail, incl. people’s belly flab,sagging boobs, and other various embarrassing things, like their underwear and bra, the tampon in their yoo-hoo, colostomy bag,girdle, adult diapers, etc. the list of humilating and embarrassing details go on and on.It is for this exact reason that we now avoid flying to or thru USA,anymore, bypassing it and now taking alternate routes and connections, on the principal of the thing.Big Brother has gone overboard once again and we refuse to submit to such degradation and infringement on our rights.We will not be treated like criminals or have some pervert gawking at our naked bodies.We will now on avoid any airports that have these new scanners and invasive body searches. We’ll stick to the traditional scanners that look like doorways and x-ray machines, but will NOT be bullied into airport porn and degradation.I agree we have to be careful and try to prevent terror attacks but NOT at the cost of innocent people’s rights and freedoms and we’re NOT all terrorists and shouldn’t be treated as such; there has to be an acceptable mid-way solution.