What was he THINKING?

What was he THINKING? The Pope has now said that it’s ok for male prostitutes to use condoms! WHAT? How about instead of condoning and encouraging blatant SIN he stands up against it and says it’s wrong and that abstinence is the answer? I can’t believe he’s turned his back on morality and given in to pressure from an immoral,corrupt and ungodly world! Basically what he’s saying is like handing out condoms to highschool kids and encouraging them to have sex when they should be taught morals and that abstinence is the answer.Two wrongs don’t make a right.They should be taught the proper moral thing. I have to say I am greatly disillusioned, disgusted and angered by this Pope. Between this, covering up the clergy sex abuse scandal and being an enviro-freak he is taking the Church in the wrong direction and away from God and into the modern world, but the Bible says he who is a friend of the world is an enemy to God. The world may change(and society becomes more immoral and permissive) but God(and His Laws) do NOT change.The Pope is to follow GOD and NOT the world! This is NOT the Church I once knew and loved. He is turning a lot of devout faithful people away. The sad thing is though, where else is there to GO? In these Last Days ALL the churches are corrupt, morally lax and in the state of apostacy. Between ordaining gays, women, allowing abortion, birth-control,living in sin, gambling, intoxication,smoking,etc. is there ANY religious faith LEFT that HASN’T fallen to the sin and corruption of the world?We are to remain true and faithful to God  and need places of worship,but we are not given the right examples! I can only hope this Pope either resigns or is ousted out. He is a disgrace.One of my kids mentioned once he looks like the evil Darth Sidious from Star Wars. Maybe they’re NOT so wrong about that? I’d even go as far as to wonder if he’s maybe even one of the Anti-Christs? A darkness has infiltrated the Church from within!

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