Gun-Loving Rednecks.

I had an online “war” with a bunch of gun-loving rednecks. I had simply asked an innocent question, wanting to understand the American’s love of guns, not being disrespectful, but honestly just  trying to see their point of view, only Iwas ganged-up on, attacked,slandered, called names, and Canadian bashed. It was  the stereotypical rude,loud, obnoxious,brash, bigoted  American arrogance. Fortunately many Americans I know are NOT like that, but these gun-toting rednecks are what give all Americans a bad name(just as the low-class beer-swilling, hockey loving losers here make Canadians look bad) and are an example of why such negative stereotypes exist! They are the steroetypical boorish Americans I have seen abroad many times as well; loudly complaining, being demanding and critical, yelling about “all these dirty ‘foreigners'”, grumbling “How come now one here speaks English?”and griping, :”How come there’s no American food?” etc.(it makes me wonder WHY they even travel in the first place! Part of travel IS to experience and enjoy OTHER cultures, food, languages,etc) the loud obnoxious ones that embarrass the rest of us in the tour group(making us just roll our eyes and shake our heads in disgust) as well as the host country with their rude attitude,that buffoonish crass, boorish behaviour that gives them a bad name. That’s the kind of losers I was dealing with here.There’s no reasoning with yee-haws like that!

They also spouted their BS how “guns don’t kill people” etc. which is ridiculous; of COURSE they do, and they greatly contribute to violence, gun deaths,and a high crime rate. Here, for example, where the average citizen doesn’t own a gun(there is really no reason to) and gun registration is strict, we see very few gun related deaths and accident shootings, such as kids shooting themselves or eachother, or  family members accidently shooting eachother thinking they’re burglars, etc. but try and tell that to those big-mouth,arrogant, know-it-all,flag-waving, war-mongering, violence-loving, gun-toting yahoos! I wouldn’t even be surprised if those rednecks “followed” me here and are reading this!They were so racist and rude it was unbelievable! Ask one innocent question and get attacked!They’re crazy!

Here, only the police, the criminals ,and rural farmers(for shooting wolves, bears, coyotes,etc) and hunters generally even own guns; the average citizen does not, and there’s no need for it.I have lived both here and in USA and I have to say their society generally is much more violent(although interestingly, one on one they are friendly, kind people) and when I lived there in 1984 they were so paranoid(now they are too,only now  over terrorism and use that as an excuse to infringe on people’s rights and privacy by playing on their fear) that they literally thought Communists were lurking around every corner; it was a totally different mindset and mentality.There is also way more crime there and violence in society in general.It was a culture shock!(of course the yahoos said that wasn’t true either!)

Americans would be surprised how the rest of the world REALLY sees them(they THINK everyone loves them and sees them as the military “saviour” of the world and are envious…HA!) as obnoxious bullies, and don’t share their fascination of guns, which they always will vehemently defend and be in-your-face obnoxious over. I just don’t get it; it’s so foreign to me and God and Jesus are peaceful and non-violent and not pro-gun, pro-war and pro-military like many Americans are and I can’t understand “Christians” that are so pro-gun! It boggles my mind!It’s like an oxymoron! I personally will take Europe any day,more civilized society, more class and culture and less crime and violence.