Operation Red Nose.

In many areas there is a volunteer service during Christmas/ New Year time called “Operation Red Nose” where people drive drunks home after a night of debauchery and drunken partying at bars or parties. They pick up the drunk and drive him home(in his own car) free of charge, or for a donation. I have mixed feelings about this. I of course do NOT agree with drunk driving, but I also don’t necessarily think Operation Red Nose(as they aptly call it) is such a good idea either as it encourages people to drink and get drunk, in effect, they are *enabling* them and just making it easier for them to drink when what is needed is education to inform them why it’s bad and why they shouldn’t BE doing it in the first place! Alcohol is sinful and nothing good ever comes out of it; people do NOT need to drink to have “fun” and alcohol is responsible for so many of society’s ills, from alcoholism, drunk driving, child and spousal abuse, lax judgement, absenteeism from work,infidelity,alcohol poisoning(a recent study even showed alcohol is more harmful than crack cocaine!), etc. the list goes on. The best thing is to abstain, to NOT even drink alcohol at all in the first place. It is never a good idea to encourage people to drink or to enable them to be drunks. What they should do is NOT drink, but if they do, take a taxi home or have a friend drive them; Operation Red Nose,while well-intentioned(to keep drunk drivers off the streets) I think actually in a way instead  contributes to the problem of drinking; it’s like they’re saying “Go ahead and get drunk; don’t worry;l we can drive you home!” making it even EASIER for people to get drunk,giving them an “excuse” to get sloshed, with less reason not to! I think anything that allows and encourages sinful lifestyles is not a good thing.It’s like handing out condoms to teens and saying,”Go ahead, have sex!” when they should be educating them as to why they shouldn’t and that abstinence is the best way, both for sex and drinking. People have to take some responsibility and just turn their backs on immorality and not make it EASY for people to fall into sin; not to help them commit sin!Stand up AGAINST it!

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