I need a complete over-haul!

I am like a jalopy, an old, broken down, beaten up car. I need a serious over-haul, the only thing holding me back, of course, is money.If I had the $$$$ I would get so MANY things done; I need some serious plastic surgery if I ever hope to even look half decent. My boobs easily weigh 5-10 pounds each and the same goes for my belly flab so if I got those reduced surgically I’d lose 20-30 pounds right there! I also need work on my face, skull shape(to get rid of my elongated long “horse” face), misaligned jaw, stomach stapling and lipo to lose weight, dental veneers, and boob and stomach reduction. I also need cheek implants to counter-act my flat face.Pretty much I need work on EVERYTHING, plus something to make my hair thicker and not so limp,fine, and thin and something that actually WORKS to get rid of the grey. I would look like a completely different person and I would no longer be fat and ugly, which also happen to be my 2 biggest regrets but at the same time the things I am powerless to do anything about. I have lost 20 pounds since becoming a vegetarian, but still need to lose 50 more but genetically I’m “programmed” to BE fat(and it’s hard to fight genetics), and there’s nothing I can do about my ugly face. Truthfully, it’s hard to look in the mirror and hate every single thing that I see.I have been held back and limited in life because of my looks. I missed out on so many things, choice and opportunities I would have had otherwise. It’s very emotionally damaging and my life would have been very different if it weren’t for my unfortunate looks. If I was rich I would get everything done; I desperately need some self-esteem and to feel good about myself.It’s not about what OTHER people think of me or how I look, but how I feel about MYSELF. To me, self-esteem is worth any price. I hate myself and the way I look. It makes me want to destroy myself and not even look in a mirror.I don’t even know what it’s like to feel good about myself and if I could I would get the surgery if I could afford it. That would be my dream.