Advent, snow,trees,and lights.

Today starts Advent, the 4 week countdown until Christmas! We have our chocolate Advent calenders and put our first candle in our wreath at home and the same at Church.It also starts the beginning of the new Church year/calender and we got new missals. Yesterday we had our first snow as well(after being “teased” on the news for weeks how everyone else had snow and we still never did yet) it came as a sudden squall with the fierce 60 KM winds and within 30 min. it had covered the ground and everything was all white. It was packing snow that crunched under my feet as well and the kids and dogs went out to play in it, and it’s Sieka’s very first snow and she LOVED it; she ran around, rolled around in it,and ate it! Sadly though, just a few hours later it all melted! Waaah!!   😦

We also got our Christmas tree; an 8 foot Fraser Fir,the kind that hold onto their needles longer, so there’s less dried fallen needles on the carpet to clean up after(or to pierce your feet!) when it comes time to dismantle the tree! It smells really nice,too and the aroma fills the room! I have always loved Christmas trees and lights and even now when I see them it reminds me of when I was a kid. I also bought a hanging Evergreen and red berry plant for the veranda and made a second one using left-over sprigs from the bottom of the tree I arranged into a hanging pot. I was embarrassed buying it as well; I had trouble with the math and couldn’t figure out counting the money(“HOW many twenties is that, and what else do I need?”) and the clerk had to help me and I felt so DUMB! (Yes, my mental decline IS getting much worse, my son calls my “Brain tumour fail!”)

We turned on our outdoor Christmas lights last night as well and just our luck,too: just 30 min.and they shut off,and even “refreshing” the fuse in the basement and unplugging and re-plugging them back in STILL didn’t work,and I’m so mad; it took a long time and a lot of work to put them up…and now they don’t even work after all that! Doesn’t it figure?We don’t have much luck with anything, do we?