Out Of Order.

One of our 3 toilets was broken. It started by making a funny “running” noise and was hard to flush and then I noticed it was wet along the base of the toilet, so we put a Sham Wow to soak up the water, not wanting to spend $$$ on a plumber that we can’t afford.Then it seemed to leak more when flushed, so we developed the habit of NOT using toilet paper or flushing it(and not being allowed to do ca-ca there, but in either of the top floor toilets instead; this one’s on the main floor) This went on for awhile and then it started to REALLY leak, down thru the floor onto the ceiling below so we had to call one then(to avoid what happened at our house when I was a kid: leaked so much it actually fell THRU the floor to the kitchen below and the toilet and chunks of plaster and water crashed thru and landed in the middle of the kitchen, leaving a huge hole in the ceiling) but luckily it was only 90$(thank God!) he just had to replace the gasket(whatever that is) but we didn’t need a new toilet and he was here under an hour.Everything we have sucks and is a piece of CRAP!

Our outdoor Christmas lights had stopped working as well but my hubby found out the timer was just wrong; still on the setting from last year and it thought it was 22:30 and time to shut itself off(so it did) when it was really only 18:30, so it had only ran for 30 min. and shut off, so he simply re-set the timer to correspond with the proper time, and so now they come on at 18:00 and go off at 22:00…so far so good….

I have a curious problem with my left arm as well: it feels tingly and numb and weak(and like I always have to crack the arm, the wrist and the fingers) and hard to hold things or grip as it’s weak, and I have to keep shaking it to try to improve circulation, but I had read it can also be an impending heart attack or stroke ; that’s the funny thing; almost every symptom or malady can either be completely harmless(and in most cases they are) or something very serious, even fatal.Oh, well, if I’m still here over time I guess it was nothing….