The Truth Always Comes Out!

The release of thousands of American diplomatic documents on WikiLeaks is an exercise in freedom; freedom of information,speech and the press.The truth will always come out and it serves them right whatever the consequences and fall-out will be. Now the rest of the world knows how dishonest,disloyal,corrupt, underhanded,big bullies,imperialist,war mongering,paranoid,arrogant,bossy,and sneaky USA really is and always was! Nevertheless, they have tried to block the truth of their abuses coming out by shutting down sites and blocking media where people can access the information.They also have called the release of it “terrorism”( a typical insult they call anyone or anything they don’t like; to discredit them) and trying to prosecute those that released it. Maybe a better idea in the future is just to NOT do/say such things; don’t do anything you’d be ashamed to have others find out! Now there’s a thought!

The documents show that USA insults, strong-arms, coerces and spies on not only their enemies, but also their so-called allies and other UN member states, incl. amassing personal info on them such as passports, bank ID, passwords, encryption codes, auto licenses and travel plans(why, to be better able to assassinate them?), forcing them to accept their prisoners and to claim that American weapons are actually theirs, etc. bad-mouthing other world leaders and allies, covering up illegal CIA activities, blunders and human-rights abuses, overlooking abuses elsewhere,having the rest of the world on a “leash” etc, showing they are untrustworthy, disloyal, and can’t keep secrets.

Personally I hope they are kicked out of the UN and lose their allies and diplomats and that their reputation in the world has been negatively affected. It reminds me as well of the Bible prophecy in these Last Days of the “Fall of Babylon the Great” thought to be a corrupt and ungodly modern-day world empire=USA. So far Canada and France have still pledged their friendship with USA(yeah, just wait until even more documents are released and they hear even more what they have to say about them) and dumb Canada is such a mindless “puppet” to USA they’d let them abuse and insult them to no end and they’d STILL support them; the idiotic spineless followers that they are; say, perhaps THAT’S even what will be released in their upcoming scathing report on Canada, and I wonder if they’ll STILL be so friendly afterwards?

Please also excuse any errors in this post; my computer died, seems to be the hard drive or motherboard, will take at least a week to fix(if it even can be) and in the meantime I have to use the kids’ computer ands the keyboard is all weird and different and feels awkward and uncomfortable. If it needs to be replaced it costs 500$ which I CAN’T afford, so may permanantly have limited computer access, having to borrow the kids’.