I have been waging an online “war” on a blog with a bunch of gun-toting flag-waving American yahoos(more about that later in another post) who accused me of being “racist” and  a “Liberal”(HA! Nothing could be farther from the truth! and “not having to explain themselves to foreigners,”etc.) and people have wondered why I’m NOT so “fond” of USA(despite living there, which is partly the reason, due to the high crime, and overall general violent mentality, I was also a victim of) but the following from other sources explains it all:

From Christopher Story in “Soviet Analyst” 2002:

“The USA, like the covert continuing Soviet Union,is also inherently and historicaly a revolutionary power and has adopted an arrogant exapnsionist mentality and an agenda of global revolution,which is becoming almost as much of a threat to world peace as the USSR’s overtly predatory global behavior under Leonid Brezhnev.”

From John Pilger’s lecture “Invisible Government” 2001:

“The anti-Americanism that is prevalent in Latin America,the Asian and Islamic countries, etc. and to a lesser extent in Europe,is directed against this predatory entity and the ideology that supports it.It is not essentially not a racial hatred of white Americans,of Americans in general,or of American culture,but it often leads to that,due to the excesses of American political and economic domination and oppression of other nations and the military aggression against other nations that has outstripped the oppression and predations of the former Soviets and the British Empire before them.During my lifetime,America has been constantly waging war against much of humanity;impoverished people mostly, in stricken places.”

Source: “The Fatima Crusader.”

Well, that about says it all, doesn’t it? American imperialism, waging war(Iraq comes to mind here) acting like the Policeman of the world,and their violent, gun-loving nature, does NOT endear them to the rest of the world,and causes their often negative stereotypes and causes them to be the butt of jokes around the world, yet they seem clueless to how the rest of the world sees them and continue to be arrogant and dominant.They come across to other nations as a loud obnoxious bullies, blow-hards, braggarts, bigoted, rude and aggressive. They provoke other nations and then act the “victim” and wonder why they are targeted for attack.As well from  John Pilger:

“There is indeed a global war being waged, but not a “War Against Terror” being waged against shadowy terrorist groups supported by militant Islamic or Communist regimes, but against us, in order to set up a global government ; a perverse and genocidal anti-Christian,anti-Jewish,anti-Muslim,anti-God police state.”

Money Grubbers!!

This outrageous cost of hydro is getting way out of hand. Now it’s so bad(our last bills were 1200$ each(which is as much as people’s mortgage or rent!) and used to be 600$) esp. with the new Smart meters, we have had to cut back so much to save $$$ that we don’t even  put the lights on, the furnace on, or do laundry until after 9pm when the rate is less, but don’t during peak hours and only use the small toaster oven instead of the big oven.It gets pretty cold in here so we have to bundle up wearing heavy sweaters! They say all in all this using non-peak hours will save the average person a grand total of 11$ a month! Wow, whoopee doo! If we can’t save more we’ll have to NOT use ANY electricity at ALL, incl. NO appliances at all except for the fridge which we HAVE to keep plugged in or else all our food will spoil! We checked our progress online  and it says now we use 58% at non-peak hours so we’re hoping our bill will go down; we went from it costing 10$ a day to between 3-4$ a day now so it should show up as a big reduction in our next  bill…..

Now they claim as well they give people a 10% reduction in hydro costs and lessen peak hours(but not until MAY; why not NOW?) and eliminate the hated HST tax…..but, they also said the rates will be going UP another 46% over the next 5 years too(ours has already DOUBLED already!),and we can’t even afford it NOW so I don’t know what we’ll do then!To add insult to injury the reason the costs are going up is to pay for the new “Green” enviro-crap upgrades(so much for going “Green” SAVING $!), so why should we be forced to pay for something I don’t even WANT or believe in? I know for sure the next provincial  election there’s no way in Hell the corrupt Liberals will be elected again, after this hydro mess, introducing the HST and the sneaky Eco tax….all the PC’s have to do to win is to eliminate the HST and remove the Smart meters and peak rate times and lower hydro costs and they’ll be elected! The only good of it is the Liberals have ruined it for themselves so hopefully next year we’ll be rid of them and all the problems they cause!

On top of that, they say in this country cell phone bills are TWICE what they are in other places, mainly due to bans on foreign companies investing and creating competition,and the gov’t trying to also make prostitution and polygamy LEGAL now as well! This country really SUCKS!We have everything overly- controlled, regulated or banned,we are taxed 2-3 times on the same goods, have one of the highest Income Taxes in the world, have no good products and what we DO have we always have to pay twice as much as anywhere else, they are racist to immigrants and foreign investors, and are way too liberal and permissive, lax on morality,and  are legalizing immorality and sin! I would leave if I could but haven’t got the $$$; it’s all going on hydro bills!

What was he THINKING?

What was he THINKING? The Pope has now said that it’s ok for male prostitutes to use condoms! WHAT? How about instead of condoning and encouraging blatant SIN he stands up against it and says it’s wrong and that abstinence is the answer? I can’t believe he’s turned his back on morality and given in to pressure from an immoral,corrupt and ungodly world! Basically what he’s saying is like handing out condoms to highschool kids and encouraging them to have sex when they should be taught morals and that abstinence is the answer.Two wrongs don’t make a right.They should be taught the proper moral thing. I have to say I am greatly disillusioned, disgusted and angered by this Pope. Between this, covering up the clergy sex abuse scandal and being an enviro-freak he is taking the Church in the wrong direction and away from God and into the modern world, but the Bible says he who is a friend of the world is an enemy to God. The world may change(and society becomes more immoral and permissive) but God(and His Laws) do NOT change.The Pope is to follow GOD and NOT the world! This is NOT the Church I once knew and loved. He is turning a lot of devout faithful people away. The sad thing is though, where else is there to GO? In these Last Days ALL the churches are corrupt, morally lax and in the state of apostacy. Between ordaining gays, women, allowing abortion, birth-control,living in sin, gambling, intoxication,smoking,etc. is there ANY religious faith LEFT that HASN’T fallen to the sin and corruption of the world?We are to remain true and faithful to God  and need places of worship,but we are not given the right examples! I can only hope this Pope either resigns or is ousted out. He is a disgrace.One of my kids mentioned once he looks like the evil Darth Sidious from Star Wars. Maybe they’re NOT so wrong about that? I’d even go as far as to wonder if he’s maybe even one of the Anti-Christs? A darkness has infiltrated the Church from within!

Airport Porn.

Airport porn. There’s simply no other way to describe the new invasive scanners that are almost as detailed as an MRI, showing clear details of one’s naked body. Plus, there’s the radiation factor and the intrusion to people’s privacy, simply because they think EVERYONE must be a terrorist and are treated like criminals.The Americans are paranoid and crazy!Now many major US airports are enforcing the scans and if you refuse they pat you down like a strip-search at a prison, even groping your private parts, incl. fondling little kids as young as 3 YRS old. Of course this is beyond wrong on so many levels and such a gross infringement on people’s rights, freedoms and modesty. Now they say if you refuse they can even fine and arrest you. So much for freedom!

As well, the images show EVERY single little detail, incl. people’s belly flab,sagging boobs, and other various embarrassing things, like their underwear and bra, the tampon in their yoo-hoo, colostomy bag,girdle, adult diapers, etc. the list of humilating and embarrassing details go on and on.It is for this exact reason that we now avoid flying to or thru USA,anymore, bypassing it and now taking alternate routes and connections, on the principal of the thing.Big Brother has gone overboard once again and we refuse to submit to such degradation and infringement on our rights.We will not be treated like criminals or have some pervert gawking at our naked bodies.We will now on avoid any airports that have these new scanners and invasive body searches. We’ll stick to the traditional scanners that look like doorways and x-ray machines, but will NOT be bullied into airport porn and degradation.I agree we have to be careful and try to prevent terror attacks but NOT at the cost of innocent people’s rights and freedoms and we’re NOT all terrorists and shouldn’t be treated as such; there has to be an acceptable mid-way solution.

My Hair’s Progressing.

On Monday it’ll be 3 weeks since I started letting my hair grow back in, after being bald for pretty much mostly the past 5 YRS. I just wanted a change and to have it warmer for the winter. It is now 1/4 of an inch long.It is also 3/4 GREY so I put on a grey cover-up formula but it didn’t work so then I dyed it with a medium brown dye(to match my natural colour, just to hide the grey) only of course with MY “luck” it STILL  didn’t work; it just lightened the rest to a more coppery colour. It figures. I am growing it out to a short “Pixie” cut(like Halle Berry’s style, seen here). Now it looks like a Buzz-cut,and I figure it’ll have grown in around March or so. I am surprised how quickly it grows, it’s the average 1/2 inch a month but from going completely bald to this in just under 3 WKS looks like a big difference.The kids say I look “funny” with hair and it took my “slow” hubby 2 weeks before he even noticed I’m NOT bald anymore!

A Royal Wedding.

Britain’s Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton are engaged to be married. This makes ME feel really OLD, since I watched his parents’ wedding and now I’m here for their son’s as well. I hope they will be happy and that, unlike his parents’, that this marriage will last. I also hope Kate ‘s life won’t be destroyed by royalty like Princess Diana’s was.I hope after dating for 8 years that they really do know eachother well and are genuinely in love, but it makes me wonder if they ARE in love why it took him so long to propose? I mean, if you’re SURE, it doesn’t take 8 YRS! People are also criticizing his decision to give her his mother’s engagement ring but to me it makes perfect sense; it’s a family heirloom!(plus, this way he saves $$$, but not that he has to worry about that, unlike the rest of us!)

It’s interesting how different they are from his parents and their wedding and relationship. His parents were more of an “arranged” marriage in the way they were set up. There was a large age-gap,it was a short courtship as well, only a matter of months, and Prince Charles was pushed to marry(out of duty, not love) to produce and heir. Princess Diana was also a virgin at her wedding and she wasn’t known for her brains. This time, however, it’s quite different: they met and fell in love on their own accord(at university), have been dating for 8 long YRS, are currently “shacking up” in a house in Wales(actually not a well-known or well publicized fact),they are close in age, and she is older and  better educated.I hope that this time around it will be a happy, not tragic ending, and that the marriage lasts and history won’t repeat itself.