Airport Porn.

Airport porn. There’s simply no other way to describe the new invasive scanners that are almost as detailed as an MRI, showing clear details of one’s naked body. Plus, there’s the radiation factor and the intrusion to people’s privacy, simply because they think EVERYONE must be a terrorist and are treated like criminals.The Americans are paranoid and crazy!Now many major US airports are enforcing the scans and if you refuse they pat you down like a strip-search at a prison, even groping your private parts, incl. fondling little kids as young as 3 YRS old. Of course this is beyond wrong on so many levels and such a gross infringement on people’s rights, freedoms and modesty. Now they say if you refuse they can even fine and arrest you. So much for freedom!

As well, the images show EVERY single little detail, incl. people’s belly flab,sagging boobs, and other various embarrassing things, like their underwear and bra, the tampon in their yoo-hoo, colostomy bag,girdle, adult diapers, etc. the list of humilating and embarrassing details go on and on.It is for this exact reason that we now avoid flying to or thru USA,anymore, bypassing it and now taking alternate routes and connections, on the principal of the thing.Big Brother has gone overboard once again and we refuse to submit to such degradation and infringement on our rights.We will not be treated like criminals or have some pervert gawking at our naked bodies.We will now on avoid any airports that have these new scanners and invasive body searches. We’ll stick to the traditional scanners that look like doorways and x-ray machines, but will NOT be bullied into airport porn and degradation.I agree we have to be careful and try to prevent terror attacks but NOT at the cost of innocent people’s rights and freedoms and we’re NOT all terrorists and shouldn’t be treated as such; there has to be an acceptable mid-way solution.

My Hair’s Progressing.

On Monday it’ll be 3 weeks since I started letting my hair grow back in, after being bald for pretty much mostly the past 5 YRS. I just wanted a change and to have it warmer for the winter. It is now 1/4 of an inch long.It is also 3/4 GREY so I put on a grey cover-up formula but it didn’t work so then I dyed it with a medium brown dye(to match my natural colour, just to hide the grey) only of course with MY “luck” it STILL  didn’t work; it just lightened the rest to a more coppery colour. It figures. I am growing it out to a short “Pixie” cut(like Halle Berry’s style, seen here). Now it looks like a Buzz-cut,and I figure it’ll have grown in around March or so. I am surprised how quickly it grows, it’s the average 1/2 inch a month but from going completely bald to this in just under 3 WKS looks like a big difference.The kids say I look “funny” with hair and it took my “slow” hubby 2 weeks before he even noticed I’m NOT bald anymore!

A Royal Wedding.

Britain’s Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton are engaged to be married. This makes ME feel really OLD, since I watched his parents’ wedding and now I’m here for their son’s as well. I hope they will be happy and that, unlike his parents’, that this marriage will last. I also hope Kate ‘s life won’t be destroyed by royalty like Princess Diana’s was.I hope after dating for 8 years that they really do know eachother well and are genuinely in love, but it makes me wonder if they ARE in love why it took him so long to propose? I mean, if you’re SURE, it doesn’t take 8 YRS! People are also criticizing his decision to give her his mother’s engagement ring but to me it makes perfect sense; it’s a family heirloom!(plus, this way he saves $$$, but not that he has to worry about that, unlike the rest of us!)

It’s interesting how different they are from his parents and their wedding and relationship. His parents were more of an “arranged” marriage in the way they were set up. There was a large age-gap,it was a short courtship as well, only a matter of months, and Prince Charles was pushed to marry(out of duty, not love) to produce and heir. Princess Diana was also a virgin at her wedding and she wasn’t known for her brains. This time, however, it’s quite different: they met and fell in love on their own accord(at university), have been dating for 8 long YRS, are currently “shacking up” in a house in Wales(actually not a well-known or well publicized fact),they are close in age, and she is older and  better educated.I hope that this time around it will be a happy, not tragic ending, and that the marriage lasts and history won’t repeat itself.

More “Valuable?”

Ok, now this REALLY “gets” me! On the news when they reported the explosion in the Mexican resort hotel they started off the report by saying that 5 Canadians were killed, just like they do with EVERY disaster report; they always mention first and foremost  how many Canadians specifically, as if somehow THEIR lives are more important or more “valuable” or newsworthy than those of citizens of other countries.This strikes me as insensitive and arrogant. ALL human life is equally valuable and matters; it doesn’t matter what country they’re from, what nationality or religion they are, etc. why can’t they just say how many PEOPLE were killed, without always giving Canadians the priority? In the reports they act like that’s the most important thing; how many Canadians were killed, rather than focusing on the general tragedy that claimed LIVES,period, regardless where they were from.

As well, UNESCO has listed over 200 various ethnic and cultural factors around the world(incl. dance, cuisine,art, craftsmanship,etc.) and NOTHING from Canada made the list, so I guess the rest of the world knows what I do; that this is a nation of low-class LOSERS! Ha ha! NOT exactly known for being cultured or refined,and swilling beer, watching curling or playing hockey aren’t exactly “cultured”, although I am surprised that Native arts, dance, etc. aren’t included as they actually ARE from distinct cultures that are centuries old, but I can certainly see why Canada never made the list! They are all mad and feel “snubbed” by it, but I can see they were rightly left out, I mean, really, WHAT “culture” does this country HAVE?It’s embarrassing!

Cracked Vessel.

With all the several traumas, rejections, hardships, bad luck,abuses, bullying, etc. in my life it has left me feeling like a cracked vessel. Each blow has cracked me and bit by bit God has glued me back together again,yet the cracks still remain, forever fragile and never as strong as it once was, and with the next fall easily broken again. Some things in life that happen are so terrifying, so shattering, so brutal and so horrifying that you are damaged and broken forever and can never be fully repaired. Like the vase that has been broken and put back together, it will never be the same and will forever remain vulnerable and less able to withstand another abuse.God is the Master Potter; He has formed me and molded me. He is the one who gently repaired me and put the broken pieces back together again every time they are shattered.I am a cracked vessel, but belong to a Great Craftsman who takes great pride in His work and will never turn His back on His creation, and is always there to repair any needed fixes, touch ups and damage over and over and over again, as many times as it takes and it is painstaking work.

The Roses.

In one of my highschools(I attended 3) every Valentine’s Day the Student Council had this thing where you could buy and order a long-stemmed red rose for the one you like.(Generally from boys to girls, although I did send a boy I liked one secretly) I had always hoped to get one, but knowing I never would(and I didn’t.) I was always full of such expectation and hope, thinking that THIS time my time would come; that finally a boy would like me,but sadly it never happened; I never got a single rose and once again my hopes, dreams,and self-esteem were shattered. What hurt even more is seeing other girls getting roses(and almost everyone DID; once again I was in the small minority) even 5-10 roses EACH, and I never got even one. It was embarrassing and humiliating, esp. when asked “how many” roses I got and I would quietly whisper(under my held-back tears) quivering, “None.” I knew one girl in particular who was popular with the boys and she’d saunter over and in front of everyonbe loudly ask me(knowing very well I had none and she had lots) and then she’d smirk in satisfaction and brag loudly how many SHE got, making me feel even smaller. So, what I did the next year was this: I devised this clever idea to anonymously send MYSELF a rose with “From your Secret Admirer” on it. When she saw it she was horrified and dumbfounded with shock ,gasping “WHO sent it to YOU?” and kept demanding to know and then went around asking all the boys who sent it and,of course, no one said they did, and she was FURIOUS with rage and consumed with curiousity,and BTW, I never DID tell.

Now whenever I see red roses those memories come flooding back; how no one liked me, how boys always  overlooked and ignored me, how ugly and invisible I am. The fact is, the only guy that ever DID notice me was my hubby. The odd time he has given me long-stemmed red roses, which I DO love, and perhaps in a way is “making up” for all the ones I was denied before, and distraught over.If life is a popularity contest I fail miserably.

Yet Another Broken Promise.Big “Surprise!”

Gee, who’d think?{sarcasm} the lying gov’t has broken yet ANOTHER promise to the people again!  PM Harper had promised that next year(that is, 2011) he would completely pull ALL the troops out of Afghanistan(which is an unjust war anyways and they have no business being there, killing innocent civilians and 75% of people polled agreed they should be OUT) yet now he says they’ll stay on ANOTHER 2 YRS, only in a teaching capacity.Sure, well, they can call it whatever they want, but they’re STILL there when it was promised they would withdraw. They are giving in to American and NATO allies pressure but what they really need to do is to grow a pair and just stand up to them and say “NO!” and keep the promise they made.They ALSO call what they’re doing NOW “Peace keeping” as well when they’ve killed thousands of civilians(and then cover it up). NOT exactly “Peace keeping” if you ask me. Not only that but he said he’s NOT even going to bring it to Parliament for a vote either(like he should if it’s a democracy) but that he alone has the authority to approve it.I sure hope people will NOT just sit back and accept this; I hope he will be forced to put it to a vote(and I’m sure of he did they would deny it) and do what they people who elected him want! Last time I checked, actions like this sound like a dictatorship.This country sucks!

Cranberry Vases.

I love Cranberry vases. I have several of them in our china cabinet that my hubby has bought for gifts for me(birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas) over the years. For me, not only are they beautiful, but also come with nostalgic happy childhood memories of my fave. aunt.My aunt also had many of these Cranberry vases she had on her windowsill and fireplace mantel piece. We visited her when I was a kid(up to age 13) during Christmas and summer. When I stayed with her I would sit at the window and admire the pretty vases, and hoped that one day I too would have ones like those. I marvelled at how beautiful they are and how the sun shone right thru them.Now when I see mine it reminds me of my aunt and the fun times I had at her house and the happy memories that go with it. She was also the aunt that showed me how to rub cucumber on my face for a good complexion, and introduced me to buttermilk, yogurt and cottage cheese. I had fun with my cousins as well; they were older than me and took me shopping, put pearl pink nailpolish on me and showed me how to put on make up. One of them also bought me a baton(I still remember) and we’d climb their big tree out the front, go to the park, for walks and to the corner store and buy treats.I haven’t heard from them in years now and often think about them and every time I see the Cranberry vases in our china cabinet I think about them even more and I smile at the thought.

Medical updates.

Our oldest saw the dentist(his first time ever at age 21, as we never had dental coverage but his university student coverage does) like myself, who first(and only time!) saw a dentist at age 23, at a time when  my hubby had  a job that had dental coverage and we got all our fillings filled in,who said the Wisdom teeth do need to come out, as he,like me, has a small narrow jaw, and crowded teeth(another symptom of Marfan Syndrome) and there’s no room for them to grow in. The next step is an x-ray next week. I am hoping(since surgery is now a given) at least he’ll have the less-risky IV sedation anesthetic instead of General. He says his student coverage covers 90% and foolishly thought the surgery itself would only cost 200$ or so! HAHAHAHA! He has NO idea how expensive dental procedures are; a single filling costs 350$, braces cost 10 000$ and veneers are 1000$ each! I would say it’ll easily cost 1-2000$ anyway….I worry as surgery is surgery and there are risks, and even though he’s an adult now and no longer living at home he’s still my son and I’m still his mother and that’ll never change. I worry because I care!(plus, I know the risks involved!)

As well: we got a surprise bill in the mail for an AMBULANCE for our daughter away at school too, from 2 weeks ago, and this is the first we’ve heard anything about it, so naturally we flipped! We sent her a message to get back to us as she had some explaining to do! As it turned out, she and a friend were fooling around at the friend’s house and she hit her head on a chair and got knocked out and had a big bump, and even once awake she was out of focus, so the mother called an ambulance. She had a CT scan and was kept for observation but ended up fine; just a concussion. Hopefully NOW she’ll be more careful; whenever they goof off someone ALWAYS gets hurt! When will they ever learn? I also remember our son as a teen and his pals at camp with a huge slingshot they stretched across 2 trees and it thwacked back and hit his eye, and he’s had trouble with it ever since; inflamed, red, teary; needs regularly drained and eyedrops.When will they realize that one split second of reckless(and dangerous) “fun” can result in permanent damage for life? He’s lucky he didn’t end up BLIND!!

I’d say that’s more than enough medical drama for this week!