Not Who I Thought She Was!

I was very disappointed to read more about Kate Middleton,who is engaged to Prince William, the future King of England. I thought she was a proper well-bred, cultured and refined woman when in fact, it turns out she was known as what they politely call a “party girl” which is a “nice” word for drunken skank. In university she formed the girls’ drinking society and was known to frequent drug and booze filled orgies and parties and other similar debauchery, incl. a drug den at her uncle’s! Her mother is also known to chew gum at high-class functions and like alcohol. NOT exactly a proper example of a future royal; carrying on like low-class Euro-trash! I was shocked to say the least and she’s hardly appropriate or a good example for a future Queen! I’m surprised Prince William would choose a person of such low class and low morals(I wonder if he’s the same way?), and people deserve better than that; they deserve a good example to be their Queen. She’s certainly NOT like his mother Princess Diana, that’s for sure! I am very shocked and disappointed when I heard this.My mother(who has no ethics, morals and doesn’t care what God’s standards are) excused it(condoning sin as always) as “She’s not perfect!” but no one IS, but they CAN at least be upright, righteous and moral! There is no excuse for living lives of sin, and even worse when the public holds you up as an example! She’s hardly worthy to be a future Queen!She;s not who I thought she was!

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