Mark Of The Beast.

I read a news report that said US President Obama is hoping to implement a Big Brother Police State plan where citizens are systematically implanted with microchips where they can be tracked and monitored by gov’t authorities. They are said to be implanted in the forehead or in the right hand, which interesting are the exact spots mentioned in the Bible  Book of Revelation, saying about the Mark of the Beast, where Satan’s worldly followers are “branded”; the ones that don’t go along with God but with the sinful world. It is prophecized that those without the marks will be unable to buy, sell, or trade and will be outcast and targeted for attack,and driven into isolation, as they follow God and not the sinful world. Obama’s “Mark of the Beast” are to incl. people’s personal info such  as their health records,credit rating, social insurance number, any police records,and the like, and where the gov’t can track and monitor people, keeping tabs of them ad their actions, activities, political affiliations, people and groups they associate with,religious activities, whereabouts,etc. which can also be used to monitor and trace homeschoolers or any other group they consider “fringe”, radical, anti-gov’t, etc. and to keep track of people’s vaccinations and to contact parents and force them to bring their kids in for vaccinations, even against their will,and you won’t be able to live “underground” private lives away from the Nanny State’s prying intrusive eyes once you have been marked, either, as they, like GPS, will always know where you are and can find you. This is a scary and chilling prospect, and eerily sounds like the Biblical Mark of the Beast in horrifying details, where people’s privacy, rights, freedoms(incl. freedom of mobility) will all be taken away by the authorities.Where personal info can be  viewed and shared, regardless whether or not the people want , or agree, for it to be. If it were me and my family(luckily we’re not in USA, but sadly Canada is USA’s obedient little “puppet” that meekly and blindly follows everything they do and tell us to do,so it’s just a matter of time before it comes here,too) we would refuse; we would NOT accept the Mark of the Beast. We know what it is, and what it stands for,and we are for God and NOT for Satan and his earthly organization, and as well, we don’t agree with infringements on our rights and freedoms by the gov’t,either; we would simply “fly under the radar” and go underground, refusing such a mark and what it represents. We are to be of God and not of the world!


Hubby got back from his week-long  business trip to USA; he went to Oklahoma,and he said it was too redneck, even for HIM, and that I’d absolutely HATE it there and would turn right around as soon as I got there and take the next flight out….to anywhere! A friend of mine asked why I didn’t go with him, and this is why; I have heard what it’s like and have NO desire to go there, don’t feel “jealous”, or like I’m missing out, believe me!! It’s like an entire STATE of “Bumble-Fuck!”when one small town(like where we live) of it is bad enough!

He said that they had loser bars everywhere ,where they go and get drunk and had loser country music playing everywhere you went,cow-tipping is what they do for fun(and yes,it’s exactly what it sounds like; toppling over sleeping cows!) and that Wal-Mart was the only store there(sounds like here, heh, heh!) and they even looked like typical hillbillies,too; with missing, gap-spaced, crooked and yellow teeth and the skin-crawling drawls of “y’all!” and “yee-haw!”! I am sooo glad I stayed home!

All his flights were delayed, either due to snow or not enough oxygen masks on board(seems he’s “inherited” MY bad luck!),and he had only 10 min. between connections! He laughed to see at the airport next to the bathroom in Texas(where he connected on the way back) there was a tornado shelter, as if it was a usual ordinary every day thing, and said he wasn’t subjected to the intrusive naked body scanners or strip search(just the usual scanner that looks like a door frame) likely as he’s a white businessman(if he were an Arab then it would have been a different story!)! The next trip is MINE; to the Caribbean, in just 5 weeks! Yahoo! Here we COME!!

I’m No Animal-Freak, But…..

I’m the farthest thing from an animal-freak, but I recently saw this disturbing and heartbreaking video about the meat industry; how animals are tortured and slaughtered and it made me glad I’m a vegetarian; I mean, of course I KNEW the animals were killed for meat(that’s obvious) but I wasn’t aware how brutal and cruel it actually WAS; I had assumed they were killed in a quick and humane manner but this is not the case; it showed how cute baby piglets were mercilessly slammed to the ground, heads stomped on, and male chicks(who are discarded as they cannot lay eggs) were separated and sorted and put alive  into grinding machines,chickens were grasped by the feet upside down and  scalded into boiling water to remove feathers while they were still alive,  baby calves were punched in the head until dead and cows had some electrical thing zapped into the top of their head and into their brain and then their throats were slit,and some animals were even skinned alive and left to die slow painful deaths. It made me glad I no longer eat meat, and I’m not an animal-freak by any means, but I AM human and I DO have feelings and compassion and this video was just sad and left a lasting impression.It was just wanton, senseless, unnecessary cruelty and it was heartbreaking.

Canada Continues To Suck!

Just when this country can’t get any dumber(or so you’d think,anyway) they have outdone themselves; after the gov’t s being critized for not making an effort to get it’s citizens out of Libya,of being half-assed and the people relying on the help from other countries to evacuate them, now THIS: first of all their excuse of not sending in a plane to get the citizens out was that it was too “risky”(well, no shit; it’s revolution going on, that’s why they’re being evacuated, duh!) and that their “insurance wouldn’t cover it.” So, then yesterday they sent in another plane(finally!) but failed to notify the people they were coming and said since no one was there at the airport and they couldn’t leave it there, it left, empty! How STUPID and brain-dead is THAT? now they say they’ll send another one out(yeah, “right!”) but I’ll believe that when I see it, and in the meantime a bunch of Canadians have been rescued either on their own initiative or on a ferry the Americans chartered to get their people out,and by a British Frigate.Canada has GOT to be the most USELESS country in the world!

As well as that, I read a good article in the newspaper where the writer claimed this country being called great” a “democracy” “freedom” “wonderful” etc. is a crock said by mindless brainwashed  goons;sheep that merely follow the herd; that it is NOT; it sucks and that the gov’t always bans, regulates and controls everything and that the gov’t doesn’t represent the people or what they want, but has it’s own agenda it passes without it being voted on. They’re right, and I could have written the exact same thing myself! I guess I’m not the only one who thinks it sucks here, I just can’t afford to move! 😦

Going Backwards.

I always feel like I am going “backwards” in life; that I am always at the beginning of everything, not an “expert” in anything,never progressing anywhere, or belong anywhere,and that I am always behind everyone else.I feel like the parade is always passing me by. I feel left out of life, and that I missed out on so much due to my looks and my limits.I feel all the answers are somewhere outside of myself and that I just have to find them. I feel dumb and inferior and held back compared to other people. I have always been different and not like anyone else.I have never “fit” in.I have always been on the outside looking in. I have always been or felt “inappropriate” and had to deny, change and alter myself in order to try to fit in and be accepted.An example would be I am left-handed and had to adapt to a right-handed world.Even from the day I was born( 6 weeks premature) life has always  been hard and a daily struggle for me; fighting to survive.

To make it worse is the constant abuse, bullying, rejection,and hatred I’ve had to endure my entire life, even from my own family. I was ostracized and ridiculed in school and even now my own family belittles, demeans, devalues and dismisses me. My thoughts, needs, feelings and concerns don’t matter and I always come last and am the least important and my schedule and plans matter least.In fact, just today my mother mocked me again, snickering at me how MY ass is bigger than HERS,and then added, “But still NOT as big as your MOUTH!” I just wanted to punch her right in the face! She pushes me too far and over the edge. I lash out in anger and defence, tired of always being bullied and heckled; increasing my built-up  anger until one day I feel I am going to simply implode.How much more should I be expected to take? One of these days she is going to push me TOO far!

Canada Still Sucks!

I’ve said it many times before and I will say it again and I will keep saying it as it only keeps getting worse and worse: Canada sucks! Now I read in the news that the gov’t is slow in evacuating citizens from the chaos in Libya; doing it’s usual half-assed job and lagging behind other nations. At least 12 other countries began getting their people out days ago, incl. the UK and China who used frigate ships and military planes. Meanwhile, this stupid country said(like they also did in the uprising in Egypt) you’re basically on your own; find your own way back(and the ones they did make the effort to finally rescue in Egypt they only got them half way, to Europe,and made them reimburse them the cost at 2000$ each!) and Canadians have been getting out by help of other countries evacuating their own nationals, incl. the Americans, British and others, as this gov’t doesn’t give a crap and couldn’t care less about their citizens abroad(or for their citizens here, either!). As well, the Canadian embassies are only open and available from 9-5pm and only on weekdays and have been notoriously known to not answer the phones in a crisis,and are so useless Canadians abroad in danger are being advised they’d have better luck and success by approaching either the British, Australian, American, or even the Dutch embassies for help.I can see why mogul Conrad Black renounced his Canadian citizenship,and I saw on the news they interviewed a Canadian in Libya who refused to leave; even she would rather stay there than come back here! This country really sucks! I’d leave if I had the $$!

As well, another disturbing news item: our gov’t continues to be a “puppet” to USA and have been discovered secretly  sharing citizens’ personal info with American gov’t and  airport security, so that our people can be placed on the American’s “no-fly” lists without cause and without our knowledge or consent..It incl. sensitive info being shared  such as criminal records, medical issues, police involvement, etc. things they have NO business sharing with a foreign gov’t! There is no respect or protection for people’s privacy, legal rights,and freedoms here much anymore. It is becoming more and more a Police State, Nanny State, Big Brother gov’t all the time, steamrolling over citizens rights and privacy more and more.

Drunken Loser Boozers!

As if this dumb country isn’t already stupid enough, now they outdid themselves: going to LOOSEN the alcohol laws, when what they should do is be tightening them(in fact, I think they should just outlaw booze entirely; no good ever comes out of alcohol, and it serves no useful purpose) now instead of confining drinking to “beer tents” or fenced-in patio areas they are going to have it be freely unrestricted, which means that the rowdy, drunken losers can drink walking around in public, even at fairs and family events, and sporting events which are already drunken and rowdy enough as it is! It will also make underage drinking ad drunk driving even EASIER,and as it is already this stupid country already has the most lax drunk driving laws as it is; in other countries drunk drivers get years in PRISON, but here they merely lose their driver’s license for a couple of days!It’s become a national epidemic!! In comparison, selling and drinking raw(unpasteurized) milk is illegal…..yet they loosen the laws on public drinking? Yup, makes no sense! Typical of this gov’t.I bet it’s just the Liberal Party’s ploy for the upcoming fall election to get more votes; or at least votes from the losers, esp. as there certainly seems to be more of them than anyone else here! Rednecks are the majority!

Alcohol is the cause of most of society’s ills; drunk driving, bar fights, violence, domestic assaults, adultery, underage drinking,alcoholism, health issues, etc. it goes on and on. Why the gov’t is making it even easier is beyond me. They are also considering allowing booze to be more readily available, sold in grocery and corner stores, as opposed to specially designated booze stores. I say shut them ALL down and go back to Prohibition; at least then they didn’t make it EASY to buy booze and the inflated cost kept it lower as well. No wonder we’re known as a nation of beer-swilling hockey loving uncultured white trash drunken loser boozers! This is a disgrace! The gov’t bans, controls and regulates everything ELSE(incl. stupid things like plastic bags and lawn pesticides!)like a Nanny-State, yet they legalize sin and make it even more readily available and easier.No wonder I hate this country!! It SUCKS, and more and more all the time!!

Farewell, Mutts!

My hubby said before he left the country on his trip that when he came back(or when I’m away on my trip for 2 weeks in April) he’ll be getting rid of the dogs, being that they are such a nuisance, burden,and more trouble than they’re worth, with Wilson so aggressive and growling and biting us,and Sieka’s still chewing, eating ca-ca, stinky, dumb as hell,and now starting to jump up on the table and  bark alot, by just letting them go loose somewhere, so I placed an online ad to try and sell them and to get some of my $$$$ back, and not just throwing it all away. The ad will appear later today and it will be interesting how many interested replies I’ll get and how long it’ll take. I doubt we’ll be able to sell Wilson, I mean, who’d want to buy a vicious dog, but Sieka should be easy; a female for breeding,and she IS a kind,gentle, affectionate and loving dog and is good with kids(we’ll just have to use a whole BOTTLE of shampoo and spray her with Febreeze before people come look at her so she won’t smell!) and we don’t want people knowing where we live(as there’s alot of weird people out there!) so we’ll just meet them in a public area, like a park, and bring Sieka, but will likely have to drop off Wilson at a farm or somewhere where he will be found; I don’t think we can sell a nasty beast like that…

Praying For Libya.

It is horrible to see on the news the carnage,bloodshed and massacre in Libya as the people protest,demonstrate and fight in the streets for their freedom and political reform, for dictator Khadafi to step down,and how the oppressive regime is killing them in the streets, even shooting them from the air,and many Libyan officials have resigned in protest of the gov’t violent retaliation, incl. fighter pilots who defected to Malta, refusing to kill their own people, and diplomats and other gov’t officials, and the Arab League has booted out Libya with the UN also considering a similar move in protest.Khadafi swears he will stay and die a martyr, and I’m sure someone will “oblige” him and assassinate him, perhaps even the CIA will send over someone, esp. since USA HAS sold weapons to Libya and now they can likely swoop in and take over and steal their oil, like they did in Iraq…this can be their next chance to send in their troops and wage war and take over another nation and steal their resources, esp. with an unstable gov’t!It really wouldn’t surprise me!!

When the revolution began in Egypt(which  was peacefully left alone by the gov’t for the most part and succeeded in reform and Mubarak’s resignation) it quickly spread throughout the Middle East, to Yemen, Jordan,Bahrain,Tunisia,and now Libya. In Bahrain and Libya the gov’t has clamped down violently, with the other nations left alone in their fight for reform. I can see the entire Arab world soon in a similar situation. Please pray for Libya and the others; for the people’s lives, safety, and freedom, that they be freed from tyranny, oppression, high unemployment, rising  food and tuition cost increases, and improved standards of living, wages and democracy.

In other news, please also pray for the people of New Zealand following a massive earthquake, and an update on the baby I’d posted about earlier, where the hospital got a court-order to remove his life-support despite objections from his parents; at first there seemed to be hope; it didn’t go ahead as planned and the parents were trying to get him transferred to a hospital out of the country,to USA, where they would try to keep him alive rather than kill him….but now the latest reports state that the parents and now BANNED from entering his hospital room(and from taking videos they hoped to show people as proof  what his condition is really like and why he shouldn’t be killed); security guards have been posted outside his door to keep them out, and the hospital is trying to stop the baby form being transferred; they are so eager to murder this poor baby.This is Big Brother state intrusion at it’s worst!! Please pray for him, his life to be spared,and his family. It’s horrible how they can do this, likely euthanasia will be soon legalized and they can kill anyone off they deem a “drain” on the system, too old, too sick, disabled, etc. parents have no legal rights anymore either, not even to protect their children.We are truly in the Culture of Death and in the Last Days.

Don’t Eat The Meat!

I recently read in the news about a near epidemic of viruses infecting meat-producing animals in Asia, mainly cows and pigs, posing a health threat to humans. These diseases are transmitted to humans thru consumption of the meat. Swine Flu and Avian flu  is also similarly spread this way. It made me think “I’m glad I don’t eat meat!” and when I’d recently mentioned this, it was taken the wrong way and someone thought I was being selfish, lucky that I am not in danger, but not caring about those that are, but that’s not what I meant; of course I am concerned for them; I merely meant I am convinced I made the right choice in becoming vegetarian, and that due to it it also lowers my health risk. Between this and genetically altered and modified foods, and growth hormones injected into the meat, and the diseases, worms and other various bacteria and sickness you can get from eating meat, I think I made the right decision, not to mention my cholestral is likely next to nothing now,and that I lost 20 pounds since giving up meat.Surprisingly enough I don’t even miss it,and in fact, when I accidently ingested it(it was in a sauce) I had an aversion to it and spat it out! I was surprised how easily I adjusted, and it’s been 8 months so far!