Canada Sucks More And More All The Time!

With Egypt on the brink of a revolution and the chaos worsening every day, countries are wisely evacuating their citizens out of the country but what does dumb Canada decide to do to save their citizens in peril? Why, do it half-assed of course, and charge an arm and a leg like they always do; they are getting people out but only after they pay 2000$ each up front and then only getting them as far as Europe and making them make further arrangements themselves and at their own cost! This is highway robbery! They only go half way and get charged an outrageous amount for the “priveledge!” A ROUND -TRIP to Egypt doesn’t even cost 2000$! They are taking advantage of desperate people in a dire time of need,and what if they haven’t GOT the $$$$? What then? The more and more I read, see, and hear about this stupid country of mine the more and more I am convinced how much it sucks even more! I’d leave right now if I could except I can’t afford to move. 😦

As well as that, on the news they also reported this country has one of the WORST airline and airport safety standards in the world, incl. too-short runways that have no spare room to “catch” a plane that over-shoots the runway,the worst 10% in the world, in fact, and forcing pilots to work longer hours than their counterparts in other countries, contributing to pilot fatigue, error and accidents due to sleep-deprivation,not to mention the fact that Air Canada is a national disgrace and the worst airline out there(and I have used A LOT of different airlines so I have others to compare it to!)and unfortunately it’s a monolopy, so bad I will NEVER take them ever again(I’d rather walk, or even SWIM across the ocean than to take them ever again!) incl. the worst record of losing and damaging luggage(and not properly reimbursing people) and unnecessary delays without explanation,abrupt service,snotty attendants, and one time we were held over 6 HOURS for our connecting flight they never told us anything and when a member of our group  inquired they snarled, “Look up at the monitor, old lady!” They are the rudest people ever who take no pride in their job and symbolize what this country comes down to: inferior,half-assed, money-grubbing uselessness.

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