The home inspector came(and it was a woman!) but luckily she was quicker than usual; usually 60-90 min. but she was just 30 min. as her car was broken and she wanted to take it into the shop and drive back home(she’s from out of the area) before we get walloped by the big snowstorm, so it worked out for us as we don’t exactly like outsiders in our home. My hubby also took the kids out  on a “field trip” to the library and to eat while she was here so she wouldn’t report us for them not being in school; you can’t be too careful! She wanted to measure the outside of the house but wasn’t able to get into the backyard as with all the snow and ice the fences are iced shut and the back door only opens up a crack enough to let the dogs out. She peeked into every room(incl. bedrooms) and took photos. She seemed particularly interested in our 3 bathrooms and asked about the roof, wiring and plumbing. I hope we “passed” inspection and that the insurance coverage is ok and that they don’t deny the coverage or charge us an outrageous rate! She seemed like an ok person, we just don’t like the idea of people snooping around our house and we nick-named her “Mrs. Nosey!”We’re just glad to ave it over with!

As well, we’re getting a massive blizzard coming in; the worst in 3 years and are getting anywhere from 30-60cm with 75km winds and white-out conditions. The airports are cancelling flights and the kids activities for today and tomorrow are cancelled and I’m sure the schools and school buses will be as well and everyone’s advised to stay home and not drive and to have safety precautions handy and a severe weather warning has been issued, but it’s Canada and we’re used to bad winters and heavy snow, so we’ll survive!