I recently saw on a TV news report how scientists are now experimenting with “Enviro-Pigs”, that is, genetically modified pigs that are to bred for meat consumption, but with a chilling difference: they have been injected with MOUSE DNA! The reason? To make “environmentally-friendly” pigs, that is, less “offensive” pig feces; better for the environment or some stupid crock thing like that! Apparantly mice ca-ca is “earth friendly”, so they inject the pigs with mouse DNA and breed them….

Sounds like some creepy thing out of a science fiction movie and it’s disturbing on many levels; first of all we are NOT God and shouldn’t be playing God. We shouldn’t be messing around with DNA and cross-breeding species. As well, altering DNA is so unknown; what are the possible side-effects to the people that will be eating this modified pork? With altered DNA could it perhaps even cause cancer in the people who consume it?(Cancer, as we all know, is cells gone haywire; somewhere along the line the cell DNA has become altered and damaged and out of control) As well, mice are filthy disease-ridden creatures. Do you REALLY want to eat meat contaminated with rodent/vermin/vector substance? What diseases might their DNA be passing on to you thru the pork?Remember that rats(mice relatives) were responsible for the Bubonic Plague, and mice carry rabies among other nasty things. I think human health is far more important than enviro-freak environment concerns. They are crazy to risk HUMAN health so pigs have “nicer” shit.I don’t eat meat anyway(and seeing things like this makes me glad I don’t!) but I think this is a very dangerous and unwise thing to be fooling around with and I certainly wouldn’t let my kids eat it; perhaps we’ll ALL soon be vegetarians?

God Sees The “Big Picture.”

With the worsening civil unrest in Egypt, on the brink of a revolution and growing more volatile by the day I am now glad my future plans were altered. I had originally planned to go to university in Egypt for Egyptian Studies but when it was time in the mid 1980’s terrorism was beginning and the Middle East was an anstable area so I changed my mind but I was disappointed. I only finally got to go to Egypt 3 years ago.

Fast-forward 26 years later and Egypt is heading toward civil war and government collapse. It is a dangerous place to be right now, yet if my dream had been fulfilled and I did end up going to university there as planned the following very likely would have occurred: I would have went to school there, graduated, and most likely met and married an Egyptian man during my studies and remained there, continuing on in my area of interest, and raising a family there, so now there we would be;me, my husband, and my children caught up in the middle of civil unrest, caught in the violence, trapped on the brink of war, desperate to flee, but would we have been able to leave? I might have been, but would they, being Egyptian citizens? I shudder to think if my plan had unfolded like I’d hoped how it might have ended for me….

This made me think: God KNEW ahead of time; He KNEW way back then what would happen down the future; He KNEW it wouldn’t work out in my future best interest to go there and to likely end up living there and raising a family there. My plans HAD to be stopped; they HAD to be prevented, for my(and my future family’s) best interest down the road. It makes you think; you’re upset at the moment your plans all fell apart and life didn’t turn out the way you’d wanted, hoped and planned,that something got in the way and altered the course of your life, and you don’t know why….but God DOES. He always does, and when He says “no” and has a different plan for you and your life He always knows what’s best, even if you don’t, at least not at the time. He can always see the “Big Picture” further down the road, so when He says “no” then it’s in your own best interest later.